Thursday, November 5, 2015

Can anybody be headcoach at Stanford?

They seem to always have good teams when Cal's are all over the board. John Ralston is the first coach I remember as successful at Stanford.  Then Jack Elway had good years,Bill Walsh rolled over the other coaches of the opponent. Tom Holmo was the only clunk. Ty Wiillingham won at Stanford and has fell off the coaching radar when he left to go to Notre Dame.

That's a long run of coaches who thrived.  Ralston did well when he turned pro with the Denver Broncos. That Walsh guy I hear did fine for the 49ers.

I'm beginning to think talented kids WANT to go to STANFORD. Its not how great you can recruit. Its try and stop smart talented kids from wanting the Stanford experience.

I'm going to apply at Stanford when Shaw goes to the 49ers. I 'm good for a few Fiesta bowl wins. AND,I don't even know what I'm doing. "Go score guys". All I need to know..