Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Diane Huazon steps into the KRON Zone.

Like a cult she's being ostracized by the big cult leader Grandpa Gary. Its all cronyism at KRON ...Cathy Heenan talks about her New Years show with Grandpa likes it a ritual only trusted soldiers can attend. The fact she has nobody in her life to celebrate that day says something.
Grant Lotis?  He's going to write a tell-all book one day. I can see he's weirded and creeped out at times by what gets on air. It will be a NY Times best seller. He can then quit his kron job.
Yeah,its a cult.  Soon the only way Diane will able to show up at KRON studio's is if the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and she becomes a soulless follower.

btw After yesterdays putdown by Grandpa Gary,she took today off.