Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Good riddance Vernon Davis.

He was the 49ers Randy Moss,only less talented.   Vernon Davis career was all about me from the time he was drafted.  He sulked under Mike Nolan. When Singletary played his father figure, Vernon Davis tried. After Singletary.....Davis sulked again. Angry the 49ers wanted to keep him to his contract Davis and his agent had been so glad to have. How many times after that did Davis let passes go by him without his doing as much as raise his arms? Dive? Never!

That whole invest in Vernon? For a quitter? Vanity? The crybaby (He's my quarterback-sob,sob) and steroid freak?.

Figures his first game for Denver he did nothing and the team lost its first game of the year.

Good riddance and sorry to have known you Vermin Davis.