Sunday, November 29, 2015

Heather Ishimaru and Leigh Glaser. Tragedy and Casualty.

I was wondering what the latest was on Heather Ishmaru. I only found old news of her in terrible condition. Before that,I went to her Twitter account and its frozen in 2014. Like not a day has gone by since her last post as a veteran KGOTV reporter. On her page is Leigh Glaser. So,I went to her Twitter page. Same thing- time has frozen. Leigh hasn't made a single tweet in nearly two years. Her whole KGOTV profile intact.

Its more of how fleeting everything is. Believe me,its not a cliche. No matter how settled you think you are? It ALL can be taken away in an instant.

Remember nobody has a happy death. And nobody ever has had a happy end of life despite what Hollywood movies say.

KGO TV should be ashamed of itself. There is always money for Dan Ashleys hair care. They just don't care about their former employee's health. Where is the Heather fund? No,they just pretend she doesn't exist.