Sunday, November 1, 2015

Jack Del Rio is God.

The Raiders dominating? THE RAIDERS???  They made mince meat of NY. I could almost cry. Well,not really.
The hitting by the Oaklanders was ferocious,vicious. Creating pain. THE RAIDERS?

I tell ya when Woodsen started chanting Raiders to the black hole? The hairs on my neck went up.That's True.

That is the Raiders I grew up with from young boy to man with. 10 wins a season or it was a bad year.

I, you might remember, endorsed Del Rio back on the 410media.  He came through big time. That first game had me on the ledge but now I'm happy as a Clam. A silver and black Clam.

And a nod to Ken Norton Jr...the man is a fast learner. He adapted and how few coaches do that. Look at Tomsula.