Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lowell Cohn reads my mind.

I had a whole thing about Kaepernick letting fame go to his head. He was grateful and happy as a rookie in the preseason. He's sensitive. He does what sensitive people do when fame goes to their heads. They take it VERY personal when they read even minor criticism.
Kaepernick even fought tweeters-right?
So,I was going to write that out...and LC said it right now on TV.

It doesn't help either that Kap endorsed the whole hip hop culture and be angry at the man thing.

Ya-know,headphones after a loss is really bad. Not a great look and I wonder why Jed doesn't tell him to be professional and not a huckster.

The NFL really is Not For Long to players who let it all give them a bad attitude-without the talent to back it up.