Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Meredith Vieira and rumors...and me.

I was reading her Wiki I think it was. Then it got to the part where "Internet rumors started about her and Matt Laur".  You guessed it. That was me.No,not the Wiki writing,but the rumor they mentioned. I was the first to put that thought out- because she looked at him and he at her like they were crazy in love- and others started to agree....then I saw big magazines picking that up. That was even before my catching ESPN doing racist Jeremy Lin jokes (BASG blog) and way before I predicted Nancy Snyderman's ebola fiasco (419 media).

I still say Meredith and he are veeery close. She almost cried on the Today show when he did an around the world story they do every year. THAT was very telling. I swear out there on some website -I think I even used Stan- in my post of 5 years ago? Something like that.

 Of course regular readers of this blog read my call of Billy Beane wanting out as A's GM.

So,no reason for me to lie. I've been fantastically insightful quite a few times. One day I will try even harder.