Monday, November 30, 2015

Michelle Apon gets married and moves to Sacramento.

She married a white guy named Derek. That's the Asian girl pressure to succeed or a statement of how attractive they are.. It must be hammered into them since they were little girls to marry white guys. Interracial marriages are not that common. The most common of them  has to be Asian woman and White guys.Not that I'm against the one you love. But its a phenomena. I know you noticed it.
Part of what Emil Guerrmo wrote in Asian times years ago was that double standard of pairing Asian woman with white men as anchors while Asian men could only be reporters.
How true. Vick Lee,John Sesaki,David Louie and the rest apparently only project intelligence. Not what local Tv wants I guess.

And if people don't want that honesty from me...then read a mommy blog.