Friday, November 13, 2015

Momma Cat likes refried beans.

I bought some canned refried beans..and once again they had that "chili bean" flavoring that I cannot stand. Its hard to find refried beans that taste even close to homemade. So,after adding cheese and some lard..I tried it again having made some brands taste pretty good that way, well, this brand now tasted bad with cheese and lard added too. Nothing changed my vote on taste.

The cat walks in and watches I give her some beans knowing she likes cheese. She ate it..and kept going.
I had to Google if that was safe and found many people have cats that eat beans. Turns out to be fine.

With the whole can left over..I let her eat all she wanted. Saved the rest for her. That cat is funny. She likes Ball Park Hot Dogs,wont touch Bar S hot dogs. A real connoisseur cat.