Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pretty young blond thing running in Pleasanton.

Watched her with her thunder thighs jogging in mid day. Trophy wife I guess. She was looking at her wrist and the heartbeat counter I suppose.
What a racket. All that get ripped,do thousands of reps....and if you are young and pretty its a waste of time-lol. Nobody cares if you can jog 10miles. If you walk and wiggle briskly around the supermarket that's all you need to show men how attractive you are.
Let me tell can push all you want at 12-35. Its not the super workout that makes you look good- its what we call "youth"!  You cant can that or preserve it. When its gone,...well you don't seem many woman over 50 Jogging. Over 60?..what the hell do they care about heartbeats?. They are happy to wake up and have a pulse!
Youth is the greatest beauty tip.