Wednesday, November 4, 2015

You have to eat fast food - fast.

Once again I took the chance. Bought a Sonic Burger combo and instead of eating it there,I drove 10or 15 minutes to the old home.  My first 2-3 bite of that burger were ambrosia. Warm and sort of like a steak burger.

Then, it started to cool. The fries also went from good to even faster then the burger not so good losing their flavor. With the burger? The lettuce started to taste hours and hours old. Man, that's a terrible thing. The fries were now becoming French fried jerky fries.

I also started to ladle out all the ice in my Coke. Way too much for a 68f day.

As we all know- you cant re warm fast food. Some ingredient always goes bad. Pickle and Lettuce stand out as toss away.

Its like that all the way down the line. Rewarmed Pizza? You eat it,but its not pizza anymore. Its tomato crispy bread with cheese at best. Use a microwave on it and you have a soggy Pizza becoming like melted cheese plastic- and a good burn if it sticks to the roof of your mouth.
 KFC? Might be the best of them all re heated if you have too. Mashed taters and gravy are fine. The seasoning keeps its flavor- but the chicken natch,does lose the moistness. Still,of them all, KFC is the one you want leftovers of.