Thursday, December 31, 2015

KRON for the 12th year in a row- no people of color on New Years..

Sure,its an accident . We all know how concerned Radnich is about such issues. Oh,sure his wife will be there Kron HAS to take HER or else.
No Will ,No Robin,No Marty,No Anny.
Kron never notices it. I guess they have time to make invitations. I've reminded them in plenty of time.

Heenan wearing green house coat,she thinks its nice.

Sure,like any mom in the 1940's its in style.

I think she lets that Queen of Kron talk go to her head. Loses touch with reality.

No Dave Spahr..just Manservant Van Akens.

I knew when Heenan pulled that dirty little shit on Dave, on air,she would run to management like the entitled Green Queen.

I didnt go backwards last year. I'm Happy New Year over that.

I advanced a bit more. Eh,its all I ask at this point in my life. Well,come to think of it,I always hoped for just that.
Maybe I should have aimed higher. How did I know I was fantastically gifted? I got all the local teams reading me,taking my advice here and there,and the news people check for truth here.

Wait until Cespedes or Pablo return-- you know where you read it months ahead of the regular media curve.

What makes the Warriors a great team? They give the ball to Curry.

I  already was sick of Monta Ellis before Curry. When he decided that he, Ellis, was still the best on the team?,I then despised him. That and sexual harassment made getting rid of him a blessing.
So to give the present team credit- they know who the locomotive is. They know who takes the Atomic power pill and has Superhuman skills. They know not to ever hog the ball. They do that with no complaints. Unlike all the rock bands that broke up because one guy had the talent and the others got jealous- the Warriors are happy to be part of history.

Kari Hall making me twitch. In a good way. Christina Loren thoughts.

I notice- she dropped the grandma green dresses. Today she looks hot in a short red dress. I like the look. She is in the middle of hottest weatherwoman on a cool December day ,no doubt about it. She gets me to watch.

Christina Loren. The only way for her to lose was for the media to bar the door.  I always thought she was a hotter pepper then KNTV would enjoy. From day one seeing her I thought that. Now,nothing that's her fault...just not KNTV's sexy- but-you -might get-them female anchors. Christina was Playboy material. Even Damon Bruce "I have a show in San Francisco" couldn't hold one down.

I would bet on KTVU as a possible return. Just a hunch.

Heenan and Radnich the KRON Bush and Rice.

Its the same thing. Just as Condolizza Rice worshiped Bush and was loyal as a wife...Heenan see's no humor in any joke about Garry Radnich. Like Rice,if not for personal issues they would have those dopes as husbands they think.

The Dave Spahr thing really brought the comparison out.

I wont be watching her blind obedience tonight. Or that fathead.

Warriors just another team without Curry. I told you.

Unlike the local media..I said this team is driven all by Curry.  There wasn't a single player who could step up and replace Stephup. Klay Thompson?..just an average player.  You take 40 points per game out of the Warriors and there is no replacing that.  Instead of losing by about 20 to the Mavericks,it would have been about a 20 point win with Curry according to my math.

Stan gets a beauty makeover pt2.

They held my hand as I was blindfolded and then led me to a full length mirror. Then they removed the blind. OMG, I gushed. "I'm so handsome" I nearly doubled over, hands covering my mouth. I couldn't believe the transformation.
The way they perfectly coiffed my nose hairs was just beautiful. It was Dan Ashley like.

My old wardrobe of  jeans,plaid shirt and black Nike's? Gone. It was now jeans,plaid shirt and white Nike's. My god why had I never done that before?. I was a new man.

I'm walking down the sidewalk today like God's gift.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dave Spahr not in today,Man servant and raddie baby sitter is. bad its almost nauseating to see Heenan,Lotis and Manser-van-t get giddy together. Manservant and Lotis looked that close to playing pattycake. Like Abbot and Costello only not funny. Or maybe Van and Lotis were going to break into happy jumps while clapping girly. They were together again.

There has to be a faction at KRON that just despises the kronyism,blatant brownosing. Well,its a CULT. What could I expect but strange and weird behavior from KRON?

When is KRON going to hire decent people? Not those who treat the news desk like a Temple?

Warriors boring with Curry. Always win. Boring without him. Always lose.

Like you all read here..I said the Warriors are STEPH CURRY. The local writers can gush over this guy or that. Only Curry is the important one.

I like the Elephant Seal news storys.

Besides being educational its nice to see compassion for an animal that's simply curious to whats on the other side of the road. He doesn't believe the chicken.

What? No Guacamole Bowl?

If there is a perfect name for a bowl game...The Avocado growers are missing a great advertisement opportunity.

Dr.Oz the slime,pushes "smart pills".

He has no scruples. Pushing supplements that create greater cognitive thinking in a week is full blown quackery. His "experiment" only proved the power of the placebo. If that young lady felt "smarter" its because she was smart enough to get her face on national tv and claim she was now cured of being dumb.
If Dr.OZ compared all he pushes with the Placebo effect he wouldn't be on TV since it would prove his claims aren't worth a damn.

I caught all this the other day on his quack show. Sponsored by Afleck.

Anny Hong pregnant?

Is she or isnt she? Or is it that brown skirt? I see she's got a big old diamond ring too. Maybe BF became DH?
Congrats if so..if not,don't wear that brown skirt as it makes you look expecting....

Her FB page is empty except for one great photo of her. Maybe since I dropped FB,its all they let you see.

ps- She wore that dress three days in a row. Why?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cathy Heenan plays offended card on Dave Spahrs.

The kron news was almost over as they came back from a break for Spahrs final weather prognostications.  Then,Cathy Heenan tells the audience,"I told Dave I was doing the New Years Show with Gary and he told me (almost said with a gasp) to wear a mask". Then she looked at him like she was soooo insulted.

I think Dave see's the writing on the wall. Don't unpack all the luggage. He rubbed Radnich the wrong way by noticing that Raddy is allowed to dish it out,but he cant take all.

Once Diane Tuazon is replaced with a non Asian to satisfy Radnich,Dave will be out.

Radnich is such an ass. "You wait by the phone Dave for the call to come". You would have thought Spahr took Gary Radnich's handicapped parking spot that Radnich himself stole from an 80 year old.

Sandy Barbor giving the bay area sports media the finger- and a smile.

She proved them wrong. I even wrote that IF this hillbilly coach does well,he will leave to go back to Arkansas or the like.
He's staying and he turned Goff into a great college QB. Who knew Goff was much when he first came to Cal?
What more could she have done? Hold athletes hands to class?

Raiders last game here? When did they build the LA Raider LA suburb stadium?

Why are the writers saying its a done deal? They haven't even weeded the empty lot let alone build a 2 billion dollar waste of money.
Its about January now,Football season starts in 7 months. They can build that sucker in less then that?

810 cant get it right.

As Air Force punts of their fourth down,on TV its still Air Forces second down. No insync whatsoever. Why listen to 810 then?

Monday, December 28, 2015

In What Universe is Ted Robinson edgy?

He's the mouthpiece for the 49ers. He even targets players wives who dont keep their mouth shut when the good 49er player beats them. She might cause him to be suspended and the team to lose a game. Ted says burn her at the stake.
Ted has no edge,but he does have a boundary- never be too critical of the 49ers or KNBR.

Does Dan Ashley have a stress bald spot?

He leaned forward today,and I saw a circular patch of skin through thin hair. Those kind people get from stress. The size of a quarter usually. Dan seems to be trying cover it with an almost circular swirl of hair over it. Its right in the middle of his head just behind  the hairline.
Rogaine would work.
Why not call it Regain?..who knows...

I left out Ama Daetz? Temporary brain cramp.

She who smolders? Pouty lips? Sexy curves? sashays?  Included muy pronto. Por Favor,forgive me muneca.

The ALL WOMAN News team of powerful pheromones. Makes men moan.

Heather Holmes no.1.  She oozes sexy. Her eyes twinkle. Every womanism she has is hot. She's not wasting her nights.
no.2  Natasha Zouvres. Its a tough call between her and Jessica Aguirre or Janelle Wang. I just think Natasha is who you ask to the prom. Or an exciting tonight-wink-wink. Julliette Goodrich. I bet she's good is right...
Weather Woman: Another hard call. Rosemary Orazco has the model looks and height, Roberta Gonzalez has the sex kitten thing going and the ample bosoms. I think Annie Hong is a woman that fits the pheromone thing..the longer you look at her the more she draws you in. You feel something.
Sports anchor. Ann Nakano has L.A. looks,N.Y. sofisteecation. I actually thought she was a national anchor turned local. She likes guys a bit muscular and dark. Hmm,I know somebody like that. Kate Scott would be there- fantastic legs and hints of an open minded sexual woman. I like the sound of that. Mindy Bach- looking good on a guys arm. Thats the second most important attribute to a woman according to men.

Metering lights observer: Robin Winston. Cleavage galore and a rarity- a dark skinned black woman. uh-huh,mmmm. She knows how to look good. No pantsuits and hushpuppys for Robin.

So If any of these woman want to say I'm wrong?..well,I'm not. Case closed.

The ALL Testosterone Bay Area News Team.

The guys that dig chicks,and chicks dig them. The kind of guys who the counter woman gushes at and he in turn smiles and gives her a wink and a thank you. Chicks love that.
Now,if anybody named disagrees,contact me and I will tell the world they are not virile. I want to be fair.

Reggie Aqui. Just started,but young and full of energy in a city of beautiful woman starved for a good man. Anchor man no.1 Woman dig a man who shrugs to make his cuff links show. Maybe adjust the tie. Yeah,I know all the tricks. For my newest book....

I think you have to go with Raj Matai as co anchor. He and Reggie do look alike,but that's not  why I picked Raj. You should have seen him make Tu Vey melt on  "Check Please". She was a puddle of water. He likes to flirt that Raj.ho-ho-ho as they say in France. I bet Raj has a few F buddies around San Joezee.

Weather guy? I think the height,the deep voice, the Elvis sideburns...Paul Deano. He I bet, has the leaning over and down soooo close to the ladies down to a science. He's not a weather guy to drive a Prius.

Sports? Again Mark Carpenter. The other sports guys? Are for the all Viagra team. Not youngsters.Jason Applebaum uses blow up dolls. He has his needs.
 Mark 6' 5" and likes to do extreme sports. I think. The ladies wonder if he's extreme in ..hee-hee-hee. He only buys Ray-Bans. No cheap stuff.

Special Interest story reporter? Stanley Roberts. Yeah,he gets all the high society ladies hot and bothered as they dream of dark ethnic meat from a local celebrity. He's even got the name....

If you look like any of these guys? NO excuse not to do well in the department of Amore.

Again,If you feel I've wrongly portrayed you?,I will do a correction if asked. No problemo.

KRON has it's best Sunday Night Sports show.

Mark Carpenter was hosting although he was made to say  "JR Stone returns next week" either for all the JR Stone doing sports lovers or maybe to say to a blogger "you didnt win".
Bip Roberts couldn't have looked more uninterested than if he was told "Bip,look so bored you are almost angry to even be here". He followed that perfectly.
KRON sports is just so strange. The old as dirt Sports Director who goes to no games "I can see better on TV" he says. Funny but I told my 78 year old cousin Raddy said that and he laughed. "That means hes too old to go to games now. He's worried he wont be able to get to the bathroom"..LOL.  Probably true.

Carpenter is wound steel ready to go...But KRON is going with Stone?  Mr. "He's now batting three hundred and twenty one"?
Can JR Stone explain the infield fly rule? The double switch? A balk?. In basketball he thinks the triangle is what Baby Curry plays in her kindergarten music class.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hard to feel sorry for punk who comes at police with a bat..

Other then the SF execution...where police had all the time in the world,and all the numbers in their favor? I'm having a hard time sympathizing with punks caught in mid crime,wondering why they are shot.

Even the schoolgirl who would not do what the teacher told her- to leave class- she would not do the same when told by the principal,she then upped the level to the school police officer. They fired HIM?? I have no sympathy for her. Imagine telling nuns in the 60's  that? They would have beat her with Yardsticks O' plenty!

There are not many cases of being shot for being a black man on a sunny day. Its been shot while in mid crime,or fleeing. What do they expect?

Hendu dies. One month older than me.

So ,you see why I said the reality of mortality stops being a joke..and can shake you up? One day here,the next day as if you never existed..for eternity. Not until next weeks episode, like young people think it goes.

Seems like a disproportionate amount of African American athletes die younger then Eskimos I.E. all everybody else.

It really seems like their body's pay for the edge they had in their youth. Their is a price for everything..a equal and opposite reaction too.

I know Hendu HATED steroid users. But,who knows? Hendu got better as he got older up to a point. Early death is always a red flag. African American's more susceptible maybe?

And if he never took an aspirin? I would believe it. Dave Henderson  seemed like a straight up guy. Intense ( another killer hormone) in interviews he reminded me of me. Once I get going..Dave too.
Man,he I just heard him a few weeks ago. I had no idea the countdown was on...only so many heartbeats left for Dave as the clock was ticking.

Yep,I better start my bucket list. To be one of the Beatles...

What happened to the cool black 49er uni's?

They were modern and sleek..the team felt bad ass. Now its back to "Hello,Frisco,Hellooooo".  Imagine if the Warriors went back to the 70's short-shorts? Like playing in their undies compared to now.

Whats 416 Media talking about? Winstons worked at KRON for years.

She's been part time at KRON for close to two years now doing the traffic when George wasn't in. So,why would KGO be shocked she left to be full time? Who auditions for the company you've been at already?

The teary hurt goodbye? It sounds made up.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Darya's better 'do.

Did you see her with the Christmas hat on? It made her look years younger,even more petite then she already is..yet,curvy.  Why? Because that Santa hat kind of looked like a wig swept across her forehead and then did sort of a Christie Brinkley thing.
See,Darya would look much better with a do that covers her forehead. Something swept or maybe bangs. A Martha Stewart only longer I think fits her better then a Zoe Dechannel bangs thing. Besides,Zoe is probably the most pretty girl in the world. Anything looks good on her.

Darya needs somebody to tell her,block the it reduces all that botox crap need. She's a pixie type.

Friday, December 25, 2015

My Cat is a communist..

She said "Mao"..or was it the Deer Hunter "mow,mow" like shoot me more cat food. Cats is tricky.

John Carmen's cats never said anything.

Warriors have transcended self doubt.They have conquered satisfaction..

What I mean is,reality says that 28-1 in the NBA in 2015 is an impossibility. No team can concentrate so much to win 99% of its games that far into the season. 20-9 ok,that would be great and most teams would lord that over the writers as true greatness. Except for the Warriors.
They are perpetually hungry to win..every possession they are possessed. The last time I saw that? John Woodens UCLA Bruins that went 73-1 over three years with Walton. Every team made a run at them...every team wilted. Notre Dame got lucky more then UCLA lost.
The Warriors are making the pro's look like 1970's college ball domination.
Kerr?  He's just along for the ride. Lacob I notice isn't flaunting "if it aint broke don't fix it" with public complaints or the opposite- bragging. Smart guy. Me and him should hang. I have a few brilliant ideas on how to cure cancer.
That's good. Start with the Warriors and end with all about me. The good life!

I put all the effort to write this...and it gets half the views of my cat's thoughts post. Its true- people love cats and hair talk. Whatdaya know?

LeBron James has peaked. Kevin Love not fitting in.

I've seen enough of him to know that LeBrons best days are behind him. He's not money in the clutch nor can he score at will anymore. I think his first season with Miami was his peak. He's at his 12th season..that's a lot of mileage and hoopla. I don't think he can lift off from (near) the free throw line and dunk like he could at his best.

Kevin Love? wow what happened to him? Kevin looking for Love in all the wrong places. Where is that dead eye shooting? The 30 point and 20 rebound games? He looks soft. Klay had steel eyes in comparison.

Today Cleveland played terrorist basketball..less scoring and lots of fouling trying to intimidate. 

 If Delevadova whatshisname could shoot,he might be a worry as he sticks to Curry like glue. But,he cant shoot.

btw. You ever said "nor" out loud to the hommies? Me neither. Looks good in writing.

I had a great Christmas.

The best revenge is the good life they say. I had somebody very special cook me a great meal..with buttermilk biscuits and deserts. A friend stopped over with his 5year old daughter- cute as a button and happy with her Barbie thing I gave her. Kids that wear Cat Ears on their heads? Always good for a super cute moment. Hers even flashed lights. Ooooooh,I said- lol.
I even gave the cat a bowl of milk..All she can drink. Its Christmas,no limits.
All,just the way I like things.

Jim NAntz badgers Phil Simms about fantasy football. Strange back and forth.

"I know you are way into fantasy football" Nantz said to the HOF QB Simms. Simms smiles and shook his head "No I'm not that into it" sez Simms.  "I  know YOU are"...Nantz with no smile kept it up."You REALLY really are into the fantasy league".It got weird. You could almost hear the director tell them to drop it.

I'm on Simms side. He is the only announcer to say Tom Flores should as two time Super Bowl winning coach be in the HOF.
I wonder what bug up his ass Nantz had?

Carr's fade pass to Crabtree in the endzone corner? Crabs would love to have seen that in the SB..

And again the next year in the NFC finals. Anybody but me notice that Carr can hit that pass while Kap always blamed tight coverage,no time,etc,etc?.
I think when Crabtree said a couple of months ago he can catch the ball if it gets to him...Kap's poor throws were the meaning.
Carrs problem is he needs to get his head out of his ass as soon as the game starts. Those early INT's are lazy passes,ego passes (I'm too good to be picked off) then when they happen he snaps back to reality. Hey- those 4th quarter prayer passes that are picked off? More regression.
He ain't arrived and wants to badly,should be his thinking. Focus man,focus.

Viewmasters 1966.

One toy that stands out? Viewmasters. I loved those things. It was so neat-o to see for the first time Charlie Brown done in 3-D.  Same for all the rest of the cartoons. Do you know that was 40 years before Computer animation could do the same thing? Now all the toons- Thomas the Train,Toy Story, and the like look like Viewmasters.
I would look at those things and in the background cartoon 3-D homes wonder who lived in there? It had doors,windows,somebody must live there. I could really get into it.

Its a wonder they never put 2 and 2 together to make Viewmaster movies back then.

Another Christmas and what have you done?

Radnich,re upped on his leased used car. Let his Sports Illustrated subscription run out. What does he care about sports anymore?

Julie Haener rolled up the slip and slide. It was the largest in all the eastbay.

Dan Ashley- building home for habitats or shopping for hair products? He went hair.

Oh well,I guess anchors are like the rest of us..selfish shallow people who play Darwin's game called Evolution. May the best adapted survive. Like it or not.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

There are only OAKLAND RAIDERS. No l.a. no just raiders. OAKLAND RAIDERS.

If I owned the team? They would never go and I dont care if I have to duct tape the torn seats at the Coloseum as my cheap repairs. So what? Fans go to see Football for three hours. NOT bluetooth or greenteeth, any kind of tooth. Once a week.  Americans all over American go to beloved HS games and sit on wooden seats with splinters- SO WHAT?.
Give me Oakland Raiders or give me death.

Goddamn NFL refs- penalize the Raiders for "Excess Snot".

As always the refs use the magnifying glass on our Raiders. They hate the silver and black.

I hate seeing Woodson retire. Heir to the Assassin,the Molester, The Stork,Big Ben..

Charles is in the Pantheon of Raider greats.

Carr's Mom,Grandma and litter of puppy's held for ransome "Throw INT's or else!"

The Yakuza Mafia CripsN Bloods gang notorious anti Raider fans,have been the cause of Carrs so obvious its on purpose, interceptions. You see Carr timing it so the other team can get a ridiculously easy pick?. "I'm doing it for Mom and Spot"

The Bay Area with only one Nfl team? The SC 49ers? I'm done.

I would have almost no reason to watch Sunday football. The 49ers are on a roll for a decade of losing seasons.
If the Raiders leave again? I would only root for the owners plane to crash into the Tehachapi's.

The apple doesn't fall far from the team. Like Mark Davis isn't wealthy enough for doing nothing his whole life? He only had to breathe to be a rich man.  Davis,Fisher..same cloth. Jed too.

Bill Gates makes YouTube seem puny.

On their site,Youtube says "2.7 billion uploads". Impressive for 24/7/365 uploads world over for a decade.

Bill Gates worth is 80 billion dollars.

Tell me there isn't a unfair income gap between the wealthiest and you who has no tube at all.

You got yer rains.

I don't mind the rains so far. I hate the cold mornings when its clear. That near freezing should be illegal in the bay area. I hate cold.

So far the damage report is one soggy newspaper. How it could be totally soaking wet IN a plastic bag just a couple of hours after hitting my driveway?

I do miss the flooding we used to get before all the new storm drains went in 30 years ago. I do!..It was cool to see a near Rio Stan in front of the house. What a shame kids in the bay area don't see that in summer when you could float boats and stuff. No,we get all our rains in cold winters. A demerit to the climate.

Christmas eve. Did I tell you last year I was bad and all that happened was Santa's Reindeer left droppings all over my car windshield as they flew past my house? Talk about smear!..bada- boom.  Kids like that joke.

Back to the Almond Roca's I was given as a pre Christmas gift. Or,maybe it was for C-day,and I just got hungry...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mark Carpenter does a great job. He doesnt even ask to be paid much. A steal.

Why would KRON pay a bloated salary for somebody to do sports who has no interest in sports? Never goes to games..skips our local teams participation in World Series,NBA finals,Super Bowls?.

I bet Mark would go to the games and do sports reporting. Happily. Plus,no jeers from the crowd.

And he's a million times better then Jason Apple Bomb. That's what scares Raddy.

Keep the booze away from Mexicans..

There are some parts of the Mexican American culture I cant stand. The worship of alcohol. Its far far too deeply rooted. Even now the falling down drunk is machismo in Latino movies. I never could see how the stink of alcohol could be so important. Plus-- many a Mexican American male has boasted to me how well they can drive drunk.
Oh man.
Dos Tequila's!...

Liver cirrhosis is rampant in Mexican Americans, worse in the country of Mexico. To think,that the lifespan of Latinos is greater then most even with that dragging them down. Beans and rice and corn tortillas are some of the best foods for you.
I had to say it. I've seen that smug lifting of the cervesa to the camera all my life. As bad as cancer sticks.

Michele Greigo and Marianne Faithful in 1965 seperated at birth.

I was watching on Youtube 'as tears go by'..boom,I knew Michele had that 60's look.but in Marianne she is a twin.
Anyways my oldies mood music went as follows..
Marmalade "Reflections of my Life".....The changing of sunlight to moonlight..
Simon and Garfinkelstienberg's "El Condor Pasa".. I'd rather be a hammer then a nail...
CCR "Who stopped the Rain?"..Bobby plans a new deal,wrapped in golden chains...
CCR's other rain song "Have you ever seen the Rain?" Comin down shunny day...
Pearl Jams "Last Kiss" cover.  Where or where can my baby be?..
Simon and Garfinklesteinberg's 'Sound of Silence' I turn my collar to the cold and damp...
The Animals 'House of the Rising son' One foot on the platform,the other oooon the train....
Lobo, "Me and you and a dog named Boo". dogs always get me. 'Mr Bojangles' crying over his dog that died 20 years ago. Sad.
Badfinger's 'Day after Day'. Baby bring it home...

A few of those played a few times in a row. There are others for another day . I'm not in love,so don't forget it...

When Mariah Cary was perfect.

I'm watching the Music channel of 90's songs. They posted a photo of her after she stopped the curly hair,but before she had the 'do she's pretty much kept since. In that middle period she had blond straight hair on a perfectly thin body circa 92? 94? that circle of circa.

I always liked too when she sang without the howling. Her late 2002 "O holy Divine" Christmas song is all overwrought with  Ayyyyyyyyy-ayyyyyyyyyy-ayyyyyyyyy-eeeeeeeeee and palm of hands held up. The

"Please Come home for Christmas" 1992 is more what I like out of her.

Everybody can go to hell!. EXCEPT,my beautiful readers and admirers of this blog.

There's my Christmas Joy card. I wrote it myself.

A lump of coal for Kron's cult.

Wille Geist and actress parody Jenna Bush.

Its either Donna Mills or Jane Kratkousky- I can never tell the two apart. (It turned out to be Jane)..came out of a commercial with (Slick) Willie leaning on a happy to return it Donna. Or Jane. She had a big smile. Willie says "Something for News Confidential". He wasn't smiling.
Yeah,being called a groper on NBC by Jenna Bush didn't make him happy.

My first post is burning up the internet- I had to make sure the guys last name is spelled right-lol. I'm a consummate pro, ya know.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This is my FIGHT SONG,my TAKE BACK my life sooong. Shuddup.

Another hotty singing about how oppressed she's been because shes sooooo beautiful. She wont settle for a measly millionaire,she's billionaire material.  What a hard life she's had to be angry.

She thinks the father of our country is Versace.

At least Taylor Swift sticks to boys are yucky material.

Did the Warrior season end when I wasn't looking?

Is it summer? What happened? They flew into the Bermuda Triangle? Whats the deal with the sudden stop to the season?
First they were playing seven games in a row and double overtimes...then,haven't heard hide nor hair of 'em for days.
The NBA is just getting too strange nowadays.

John Burris wins one for Asians.

I guess he couldn't take the heat I put on him. Ehem,well, job well done.

Red Sox want to trade Sandoval.

If possible. Hey,volver,voooooolver.  Pablo fits the team chemistry of the Giants.

The A's?..oof. Pablo and Cespedes..double oof.  But the A's are not into entertainment and names of crowd favorites. They are into buying another Kinkade painting for John Fisher. He loves the ones of cottages lit up by candles in the forest.
John also has on loan the Keane big eyed Orphans paintings to Goodwill art galleries. So,why would we need Pablo or Donaldson when his money goes to good use?

SF police chief truely is incompetant.

He's proved it. I mean,he let some bogus deadline pass to fire racist cops? That was intentional. Why did he never alert the media of that loophole? Even if he didnt know- that could be even stupider.

He watched 8 cops surround a mentally ill guy with a single pen knife and felt "threatened"? kill him with 16 shots?

Remember when the Sheriffs who beat that guy who looked just like Steve Martin's character in the Jerk to death? The blond Chief fired them and had them arrested.

San Francisco has no rules. Ed Lee? He should be ashamed. He's mostly been impotently silent.

Ross Palumbo seems like an ok guy.

Yeah,I kidded the truth about his too tight suits,but otherwise I havent noticed what that other blogger says. Ross,if anything is joe average.
He also I saw today,had none of the Brill-cream greasing him up. Looked like he had hair again.

Man,Brill Cream,Dippity Do,blasts from the past. Haven't used them for ages. Who still uses Hi Karate?

Steve Harvey- who's surprised?

C'mon,the man has made a great living being a Richard Pryor caricature, success went to his fat head and the fact he was so full on himself he didn't need to rehearse?. Well,he got what he deserved.
Next year? Get the black guy in the Jackie Chan movies. He has no modesty either....but,he does have talent. Makes me laugh.

If you can't handle flirting at the office Christmas party? Stay the hell home.

My advice. Wet blankets.

 Give me another drink!

Jenna Bush says Willie Geist leaned on her.

She let that out when talking about the Office /NBC/Today Show/ Christmas party. She was not smiling telling the home viewer Willie was leaning on her hard for a photo shoot.

You know,woman like Jenna- prudes and tattle tales proud of themselves sure are a pain in the ass to be around. Willie was just returning it.

ps: This post is BURNING up the internet.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cathy Heenan. Torn. No Raddy or Van.

She couldn't have been more cooler to Mark Carpenter..finished the chit chat with him like "ok that's enough of you". Dave got the polite minimal chatter.
She is Grand Duchess of the Cult of KRON...third in inheritance behind Pamela Moore and Darya of Pero.
New boys get the chill.

Other than Dennis Brown,Quality in the Sports Media.

Lowell Cohn. Still has it.
Carl Steward. Says it all one sentence at a time.
Dennis Brown. I can tell. He's new but it shows.
Ray Fosse. May he go another 45 years.
Jim Barnett. The old folksiness from a gentler time still as relevant as a minute ago.
Matt Maiocco. I know KNBR tries to bury him..yet there he is at the front seat at presscons. Gets more info too.
Mr T. He's the kbay of sports when that's what you want or in the mood for. He never says "Lets have fun"..but then it can be- get me?

I would add Latino or Asian names. But there are none in the great San Francisco Bay Area period. Great or bad. Well,Kawakami I guess is Asian. Honorable mention.
Woman? Still relegated to be looks and calming for the pros at interview time. Ann Killion is honorable mention while being not in the mold for woman writers. Every now and then she writes a "Mom loves you" column. She shouldn't.
Amahd Fareed has big potential. Better act fast Amahd.
Kate Scott. What an incredible burden she had to bear. A Radnich bear.  She who had the greatest comeback to braggart snobs about their private schools. "I went to the school closest to my house". Perfect.

All the others? pishaaa. I can take or leave them or I don't pay any attention to what they say.

Me? I lived,then I died. The End.

Dennis Brown-- The best of the lot.

He's good . Quality.  He needs to be some sports anchor. I believe what he says. No kidding.

The Raiders read me.

How do I know? A few years ago when I did my JaMarcus analysis? I recommended he be given a life coach..follow him 24/7.
Then,the Raiders did.

The problem was,JaMarcus had no incentive to be a great QB. He had 40 million dollars and could both eat all he wanted and afford all the opiates he wanted. Probably why he fumbled so often..he was numbed.

But- The Raiders tried. I tried.

Also- not only is Carr pretty much average,I don't think he's bright. It might not matter..Terry Bradshaw,Bumgarner in the grand old game..still were good to great. Just saying.

Power names for beautiful woman.

I was watching ID channel about a "kidnapping" of a hot blond MILF. Turned out it was a hoax. So,anyways what got me is that all through the story her mother would talk to her or the kidnapper on the phone. It really got irritating to hear the mother yell "Quinn,Quinn,Quinn..are you ok? Quinn!". QUINN!!!!. Like that.

Quin. Like Brinn or Bree or Hannah,Paige,and old faithful Brittany. I wish I could find a list of Danville blonds names. Since we are talking numero uno on the power name types. I myself always thought Linda was a powername. Most Lindas I ever met were attractive. That's weird how moms sense they have a extra purty daughter at birth. You almost never meet a beautiful woman with a nerd girl name.

Then there's Kendra,Blair,Dominique- ever met an unattractive Dominique? Me neither.
I once was in a relationship with an Olivia. Way back then I wondered why she had such an oldy name? Olivia De Havilland 1940's etc,Bada-boom,Its now a power name in 2015.

Courtney..that I hear a lot. I could go on but you get the idea.

Did you see Carr make the "crazy" sign when Cooper made a catch?

Oh I did. Maybe the Raiders read some blogger who said Cooper was afraid of over the middle catches?...and Carr was saying "See? muy loco blogger". Then Carr threw a few more INT's and Cooper never did get a dink and dunk pass did he? And then the Raiders lost because of turnovers.
loco? Genius!

Speaking of thinning hair..sigh.

I went through some old sports jackets to donate to goodwill. Ironic,since that's where I bought them circa 1995-2005.
In one I found in a pocket---a comb. ah,those were the days. Its been so long I forgot what a comb looks like.
I felt a tear.
Nah,but I should have.

The day Gary Radnich fixed a fight to have Muhammad Ali knocked out.

He last month he showed a photo of "Some computer heavyweight fight I promoted in 1972" know when he was a shameless promoter.

That brought out my light bulb. I remember that. It was pay per view at a theater. It was Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali IF they ever fought. Radnich even said on kron4 "I paid some guy for computer work"

It was so obvious,Radnich was playing on the hate Ali generated with old time boxing fans who didn't like an uppity colored man.

So what did happen in that fixed "computer generated fight" ?...It turns out that Rocky Marciano knocks out Muhammad Ali in the 14th round!

That would never have happened! know that.

That goddamn Radnich..such a weasel self promoter. "Proud Family man"...LOL. He would hold hands with the klan if it made money.

Let me add that...even then being very young I knew why it was made that Ali then at his near best was made out to lose. Of course the "fight" was created to teach his kind a lesson.Also, I had no idea who KRONs future sports "Director" was back then so no possible bias.

Raddy..the real Raddy exposed.

ps. Raddy that day on kron sure as hell didn't mention who fought..and lost. Hell no brutha.

pss "Proud family man" hold hands with crooked gamblers on knbr!

Jed's luck ended,he now seeks his own water level.

I wrote years ago-- Jed low balled Jim Harbaugh and that should have sent JH to Miami which offered a much better package. Yet,Harbaugh wanted to follow in the footsteps of his idol Bill Walsh,so he took the 49ers offer.
I remember even after the signing, Jed yawned to the media "Our deal wasn't going to be a penny more" Arrogant asshole.

He even handicapped Harbaugh by making him use Jed's cronies as GM...assistants,and team management as spy's and leakers to the media as Jed saw fit.

Harbaugh was a on an upward projectory since he started coaching. Rare.

Like many Arteests,Harbaugh was hard to deal with. Jed wanted both worlds..a servant coach who would give Jed credit and wanted THAT out of an outlaw winner.

Jed and his father are more Chris Cohans less Eddie D,Al Davis or Franklyn Mueli. Or Lacob.

I do see Jed and the Yorks wanting a Billy Beane. WASPish penny pincher who has a winning record.

Go find one.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

We GAVE AWAY Carson Palmer for this? Hue too?

I wont let Reggie forget he let Carson Palmer effort to sign him after we depleted drafts picks to get him. It was Billy Beane Like. Toronto's MVP Donaldson? We didnt need him said Beane.

Carson Palmer? Reggie sniffed..then gave to the best OC and HC we have had since the Tom Flores days his walking papers.
Goddamn egomaniacs.

If Raddy asked Van Akens to twirk, he would.

Unlike Vanessa Balzac who wouldn't even listen to that shit. Brian would. If Raddy told him  "make chinky eyes with your fingers" He would,then Raddy would call him a complainer still. Van Akens would laugh.
Like he laughed when Raddy did a Dave Spahr imitation.

When is somebody at KRON going to get balls and stand up to the madman?...oh,other then Vanessa and Diane.

49ers are a garbage team.

This is the worst 49er team since..pre Nolan?  Singletary's teams seem HOF compared to this. 8-8 in the last year of what I thought was the worst coach ever? and that hack OC he hired from the old folks home?..better then todays team!

This was junk football. Its Yugo football. Its thrift store equipment football. Its not suck for Luck.Its suck because they suck.

Carr the INT machine.

The Raiders did not hang on to the ball..well,David or Don or Emilio or whatever the hell his first name is Carr, is just an average at best QB. I've never seen a good one start out so bad.

What did I tell you about Cooper?..he can catch IF the ball is RIGHT along the sideline or vertical. Down the middle he's greased hands. Gets small hands,big ears.

The Raiders flushed Rogers...but the big play and turnovers just killed the team.

Some of those Carr passes were horrible. He saw receivers the way the little old ladies see ghosts. We didn't see them.

It was as i warned.  Darn it. I wanted to be wrong.

What a shame Alex Smith will go to the playoffs.

He will choke as always. The Chiefs will lose,Smith will have a crappy game. KC is stuck with the man who rises to average after 10 years in the NFL. Would he be better then Gabbert? Maybe in stats. Then be Alex Smith.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Brian Van Akens,Gary Radnich's man servant. He even babysits.

Right now his is the most embarrassing act in local news. The Frasier imitator does whatever he's told by Gary Radnich. Senior Clown director.
 He even ends every weather cast with "Did I do well Daddy?" for Radnich. Might as well.
 I'm watching.

Raiders get second chance at "key game".

When they blew the first one vs KC it looked like the party was over. Then,they beat the Bengals. It became a wash.
Now they have another "key game" If they lose this one,no more keys until next year.

They need to contain Rogers..always have a man ready if he's flushed. He gets too many easy completions with just one hip fake move. They need somebody to be always on what is Green Bays only great player.

He's quick to throw on a blitz. So dont. The front four push-em back and arms up bothers Rogers. He does flush easy.
The Raiders offense? Whatever they do-- don't turn the ball over and give them points. Catch the punt,catch the kickoff. And tuck the ball in when running into the line.  Cooper is a scary guy..his drops and turnovers really come at bad times. All because of the big hit and crunch he's afraid of. Maybe some out passes...even the vertical bomb. Dinks and dunks get his self preservation side taking over. And we don't want that,do we?.

Mr. Stan's beauty tips for the media.

My hair and looks posts get huge ratings. So,to give the people what they like that's not Radnich( they love I give it to him) I need to offer advice too:

Justine Lodis KRON.  Her hair is way too heavy. Its a solid mass of dark brown with a part. I bet,its the same hairstyle shes had since HS graduation.
What she needs is some of that to be layered and lighten up that brown blob with some highlights. Blond streaks maybe. Right now its like that Monster in the Bugs Cartoon with his hair parted down the middle. She's a good looking woman with budget beauty efforts. She could thin the eyebrows a tad.
Or do nothing different like an old housewife. Lots of fun.

Keba Arnold. Her wardrobe doesn't say Power Anchor. It says kindergarten teacher. Greens and everything covered up to the chin..Just a very boring look. Again,another young woman taking after grandma.

Michele Grieco...another who is a smoking beauty..but the clothes are as unsexual as can be. Nothing is even slightly eye catchy. Its TV isn't it? Those eyes,those wide lips....and its everything plaid and paisley to go with the beautiful face.   Consult an expert, woman.

They need to watch FOX news cable. Even CNN ladies are now getting curvy and have see through desks to show off the legs.
Why is the bay area so backwards?

Darya- super flat hair? uh-uh. That's not flattering. What a shame that Dan is always moving his part on his head when you should be the one doing that.Have it off center. Flat down the middle only looks good on young surfer girls. uh,you've moved on past that now....Hey- take a look at Vicki's doo. THATS how its done.

Ross Palumbo. Don't his suits look a little small? Too tight? Like after Jr High he hit a growth spurt his first year in HS..and still wears the JR suit.  His hair? I would say he should try shaving his head. Grease on thinning MalePatternBaldness is like grabbing an anvil on a sinking boat.

Mark Ibanez...worst eye job in anchor history. Wow- Did that surgeon charge by the inch? its a botched job. Plus- get a real haircut. Enough of your mom cutting your hair Mark. Her scissors are dull too.

Jason Applebaum? My beauty hint is do the sports segment with a bag over yer head.

 Plastic. No cutouts. Do me that favor.

News Overachievers. Odds against them.

I was thinking of doing a tribute to bay area news over achievers.Some criteria are universal.
I guess looks is numero uno. Eric Thomas,overweight, a ton of facial moles. But,his inner self is what people like.
George Rask. Many years here in the bay area. As far from pretty about as much as a man can get. But old George did that traffic watch like a real pro.knew his highways like an engineer who studied traffic flows for cal trans. Only George is better.
Sal Castonero. Never pretended to be more then he is on air. People like him. He doesn't say the wrong thing but rarely. Long lasting,big salary.

Vic Lee. Has the voice of an announcer,the mannerisms of an old time journalist. The lasting power of Sting. Tantric news. He can go on for decades...

David Louie..he's been here forever. He's so far under the radar he's bumping into the heads of gophers going by. Quality has staying power. He doesn't need to brown nose.

Francis Dinglasan. Incredible beauty. Even part time she's shown lasting power. KGO knows she's reliable. I dig that jet black hair. You don't see that much anymore. Nice.

More later as they come to me...

Marty Gonzalez. A long term Latino in the local news? An oxymoron. Easygoing good nature. He must be easy to be around. I get the feeling his day isn't sarcasm at regular people living their lives. It comes through.

How does KNTV keep such a normal pro newscast?

Nobody to complain about. I don't see Jessica Aguirre as a woman who rants off air at her staff,or parks in handicapped zones.
At least the most seemingly well adjusted on air people in the bay area in total.

Too bad they are heavy on San Jose and Silicon Valley news. I never go to either. SF or Oakland or the Tri Valley?- yes.

They even have a guy who does the funny news about kids and the like. Unlike other stations,KNTV's is funny.

Oop,one tip for kntv. Janelle Wang needs to raise her head more when reading the news. She has that Princess Di mannerism. That's about it.

The anti KRON.

Radnich assistants. Goofy.

Something wrong with them. They look like the young psycho's on the ID channel.
Or, like criminal hackers.

Rain and drought.

I'm worried. We are getting rainstorms..or I should say rain showers. They come mostly at night for a few hours delivering rains totals in tenths of an inch. I don't think we've had a all day rain yet.

Its already mid December. If El Nino was a sure thing,its a sure thing at the last moment.

KRON should drop Sunday Night Sports show,Play Monk reruns instead.

The Sunday night sports show has that feel..of gouging kron's owner company for moola. Like no work for double overtime pay.

What a crappy sports show.

If KRON dropped Radnich- ratings would go up.

I'm telling you- with no doubt. I'm not sure why KRON believes polls of three people that Radnich is good for the newscast. Its just money down the drain. Pay somebody worth it.

Allie Rasmus,top tier talent.

KTVU has just wasted her time the last two years. She should have taken Haeners job by now.  If not that,in no way behind Claudine Wong who has pretty much peaked in the media business. She must have been given a long contract. I do see Claudine being a reporter again. She's good .Just that Allie cat is polished. Gives out positive vibes.
I think she is the best new talent around. As they say,New York and El Ae, are calling.

 Hell,another bay area channel could put her in the anchor's chair...for many,many, years to come.

Radnich spears Dave Spahr. Tells him wait for the phone call to do evening weather.

Out of nowhere the man who says he has a big heart, started ripping the part time weatherman Spahrs. He even did a not flattering imitation of Spahrs a few times. The non smiling "You wait by the phone Dave for the call to come". That I could only take as Radnich wont allow him to do the weather when evil Radnich is around. Raddy likes his man servant Van the man.
Tuazon,Scott,Carpenter (producer-sure- so his face isn't on air) and now Dave Spahr all in about a months time.
I'm sure the day Radnich leaves KRON. Staff might then relax and then have a professional News cast. Not the running joke I see and laugh AT, not with.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Brian Van Akens suckup. He's learning from the SD.

This guy is on the brown nose speeding train.  Well,he is taking Dave Spahr's place after Radnich drove out the Asian Diane Tuazon.
So now the weather guy is the trained munkee Brian Van Akens. A brown nosing Frasier imitator in his free time.

Radnichs tweet of Pathos.

It was like a New Years cartoon. Old man 2015/Raddy hunched,using an umbrella cane,while the New Year kid is looking up at him.
He doesn't see that? The flat cap just adds to old manism.

Hey,wasn't he just making fun of Krukow for having a flat cap last summer?

Harmful Algae Blooms my naturalist idea's...

Pollution + Warmer waters.  These blooms don't happen in mid ocean..only where rivers empty to the sea. And we are emptying plenty of phosphates into the Pacific. Those neurotoxins are nothing to fool around with. They are potent.
Its just more of what to expect from Global Warming. Expect the unexpected.

Is Jason Applebaum some gay lover of a KTVU exec?

I don't get it. No talent,Absolutely no charisma or charm. No looks unless unattractive is a look. He makes Julie Haener wince when she has to look at him that close, or even a professional speaking voice.
And he beat out all the other sports heads for that job?  I mean,it can't be affirmative action unless the one possibility...

Star Wars. A one hundred year war?

I hate to tell you. But after the first? All the others were the same thing but not as good. Judging from the commercials, Star Wars still has the same 1977 effects and sounds. That's right go to a 2016 Movie and see 1977 effects re created. You have money to burn.

Dont poor caucasians get free Christmas gifts?

I notice that most of the free gifts and meals shown on TV go to black families. Like there isn't a down and out caucasion?. Yeah,sure over the weeks you might see them..but mostly its the media making a social statement when the givers are..well, and the getters are, you know.

Grant Iggy Cohn sez Jim Tomsula is a snitch- other head coaches hate him.

I heard him on the radio say the above and also that he constantly reported to Jed about Jim's ways. Example: He went to management and complained that Jim Harbaugh didn't change his pants!  That's why Clevelands head coach did what no HC are supposed to do. He said the 49ers didn't look interested in playing the game.
Iggy also said that Tomsula will never be a head coach in the NFL again because of his reputation. Hey,he raised two families that way-wink-wink.

You didn't hear 9-12 say a thing about it did you? Or any 24hour period on KNBR. You read it HERE.

"Spiritual" to Raddy is block all other views,criticism..

That's not spiritual,its VANITY!.
Where does he come up with crap like that?

Joe Hughes Corporation. Never rocks the boat.

Looks like a red headed terrorist with a red beard.

He said he's never been ripped.

A virgin no more.

If you are a Dem? kidding. If other? I mean it all.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

KRON,last in ratings,first in drama.

The cult can't help itself.
Why doesn't van akins wear a collar with a leash and bang a tambourine? Might as well since he's got the jumping to his masters voice down pat like a trained munkee.
What happened to him? Sad.

I remember my Raddy moment.

I was 6 or 7,went to a religious school. One day I was over my best friends house next door. Ernie and me are playing with something -his father used to bring home high quality ball bearings twice the size or more of marbles,fun to watch them roll on a floor with the slightest slope. Like magic.- And I got the idea that since he and I were best friends I would tell him "Ernie,do you know we are brothers?" I was taught that and it sounded right. He never looks up and says as calm as can be "No your not,my brother is over there". His brother Michael.
I never said that again over the last half century.

Radnich does blasphemy.

He, like a nut ..claimed he has a spiritual Twitter. What he has is an account where he will lie through his teeth- like he's well known to do- and often- or he never writes his Tweets.
He's as Spiritual as Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Bakker.
You could feel a vibe through that studio- that must have had a few Christians and others the equal that it wasn't a popular boast. Not with his track record. Pamela Moore just listened.
I mean- he's gone nuts since the Diane Tuazon hiring. He offered up his wife at an auction. Strange.  Does he know people hear him?
I'm ready to buy the paint for Mark Carpenter to use to paint his new office cubicle.

Kate Cagle KRON 4's new star reporter.

She started last summer? She's moved up fast. L.A. looks with big doe blue eyes and probably real blond hair.
She needs to change that Facebook Photo..doesn't do her justice from what I see in HDTV.

Pero has an eye for woman,give him that. Darya must be a tad bit nervous when he auditions or goes on business trips. Uhuh ..I know.

The return of Mark Carpenter.

He did 5:45 sports. Christ,like fresh air compared to JR Stone muffing yet another name or B.A.  That Jr,does not mean bay area.
A Sunday sports show..with yer new reporter and a baseball man. Hoah,boy. Terrible.

I Mark,should get a mention.

John Burris chases ambulance in San Francisco.

Soaking the wealthier city. If I thought he truly cared I wouldn't say a thing. If I think hes got a racket going? I write that. Racket,I write.
Burris fights discrimination. Then discriminates against non African Americans. That makes sense.

Andrew Bogut does cool between his legs pass.

Heck I reviewed the Big Eucalyptus pass three times.

Only a fantastic coincidence he did it after my request hit the net. F.C. number 1,408.

Radnich doth protest too much.

You heard it. Like somebody's who's wrong and paid gets his respect then a blogger who comes up with the truth?
Yeah Raddy, pay Sid Racist Rosenberg to make you laugh at how brown your Mexican looking kids are and his are white.

You want more crazy? Raddy went off on those who said Serena's legs are photoshopped to be thin. THAT got him ANGRY!Groooowwwwlll.  But when Rosenberg said Serena Williams is an ape?..he laughs with Sid, not at him. Praises the bastard.

So read this and don't let it bother you. Sure.

As far as hurt? Join the club.

Scott Ostler writes fantasy. Local media goes out of their minds.

ah- Incredible. Ostler puts out how the Jed can sell the only thing in life he can brag make a few fans happy?  I like Ostler,and its a nice fan-tasy (Hey I did Dr.Seuss!),so its not his fault that the media is pretending like it really will happen.
Now,when I wrote about Billy Beane looking for a way to not be A's GM without costing himself millions? THAT was fantastically accurate. Beane did come up with a way as I suggested. He simply moved up and put the GM heat on a underling. Kept the money did Beane. Just as I said.

I was dead on right.  So,where was the media compliments? THEM? ..yeah,that would only be honorable. The media doesn't do that.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mark Carpenter by permission of...

Why did Radnich say Carpenter's work- reporting from the Warrior game- was a presentation from some business manager?..I'm not sure. Its the first time even a freelance reporter was introduced like that.Must have something to do with getting payed much less then a full time KRON cult member.

Kids and the things they say.

When one of my nieces was very young? She looked forward to the "Snoopy Brown" Christmas cartoon. Still makes me laugh.
She also said "Grandma, its a Honeybird!"..She saw a Hummingbird. Cute as can be.

Why is there nobody great in local sports radio?

Mediocre,bad takes,outright stupidness,not funny but think they are, and only the gamz integrates.-and that's not prime time spots for them.

See this what gets me- Tom Tolbert gets highest ratings...but only because unlike the others its because he isn't bizarre or says stupid things often. Bizarre includes paid reps of the local teams and those totally different personalities from show to show,format to format like radio to tv. So Tom wins by being normal or default as they say. That's a real low bar.

I'm waiting for the Bill Walsh of sports talkers.

 I'm telling you all,if Lowell Cohn had done a second job at being a radio host,that would have been close to a great radio host. Maybe that's why big radio bizz didn't make an offer. Why KQED never had him do an hour or so of sports talk?..what a waste. His theme song? "Under my thumb"...hee.

Bruce? eh,when he does the Bronx barroom shows he ain't lived like he thought he has. Guests like Bruno are somebody else's game- be original with guests. Not like better Bruno's are hard to find.

I know when I said I never thought the day would come the Warriors would get a better Rick Barry in Curry? I think its a sure thing I will never hear that great sports talker I can enjoy in my lifetime. Oh well.

Mark Carpenter is no Applebaum and Stone.

Thats why Raddy is blocking the man's career. There was no worry the geek and frat boy were going to take Raddys job.
What was Pero thinking hiring real talent in sports??

De La Cruz does pigtails for O'Donnell.

He lucked out..she could have twisted the knife or just do 30seconds of pigtails. She did the 30.

Pigtails? What a weird fetish like request. No,she had no short plaid skirt or baby doll shoes nor sucked on a over sized lollipop. That's next with the Super Bowl bet...

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Being amateur Media critic and sportswriter. It fits so well.

 Its right up my alley. I've watched TV all my life in the bay area. I saw Eddie Alexander come,then leave,and watch Radnich steal Eddies off the wall..and yes,Eddie would say about himself being off the wall.
I've seen the personality's come and go. The Dave and Lois Walker marriage when they were single then wed, The Susan Blake and Brian Hackney meltdown on air-- if looks could kill,Susan would be deceased about 20 years now. The same acrimony with Mark Ibanez and whats her name the blond. The more he did the Frito Bandito smile-- the more she stared into his soul. Wanting to rip it out no doubt.

Hey Charlie and Humphrey,Captain Satellite, ch 2 had a kids show in '64 that had "Wake up Little Suzie" as the theme. The shows name is lost to my memory. But I remember the Hercules cartoons he played.

I remember people would oooooohhh  at Jerry Jenson laughing at Van Amburgs joke DURING THE NEWS?! True. It was shocking TV at,but shocking.

I've seen it all. Even behind the scenes at KPIX in 1969. My mom thought she saw my brother in a news segment about Vietnam. We all went to KPIX to see the tape. They let us in and were polite. Was it my brother? probably not..just a mom missing her son in the war.

All,all,all. From black and white TV's to heavy wood "Mediterranean" cabinets TV with record player built in to the HD tvs that weigh  almost nothing.
I MISS SCIENCE IN ACTION! on kqed on National Education TV.
Anyways, Do what you are good at. I'm a do'in. Beats chess.
Oh well I guess we all like to reminisce. I'm probably not the first in the bay area to do that on a blog-wink-wink

Ah,my gawd. Radnich attitude was just dripping all over the KRON set.

Like he was convinced he's Mr. Kron and all obey him. He was reeking attitude,putdowns- putdowns others are never allowed to return if you noticed. No wonder he thinks he "wins" all the time.
Does he think that's the real world? Its not even entertainment. Nausea.
He reminds me of Phil Spector the egomaniac great music producer sent to prison for stupidly waving a gun in a guest face..and it went off. Anyway's Spectors in prison about a year and some guy said something to him that I don't remember-- but Specter gave him a wise guy answer like he had given a 100 music stars over the decades-like the Beatles. The other prisoner knocked a tooth out of Specter and sent him to the prison hospital.
Thats Raddy. One wrong part of town wiseguy better then you remark from eating the pavement.
Let me tell you something...that whole thing that he's bigger and wealthier then Bill Gates and he's the "top sportscaster in the bay area" ? He believes it. Its why he would yell at a 80 year old piano teacher- at a recital! Or park in  a handicapped zone at his job worries that KRON execs would say a thing.
Tonight was his best Las Vegas lounge "I love you baby,but do what I tell you huh Dave,huh Grant?"

The KRON ratpack! (and cult)..LOL at you, ego man...

A request from Stan to Stephen Curry. Do the Maravich between the legs pass.

Man,I loved that one. Nothing will break a opponents ego like having a Pistol Pete like dribble between his legs,run around and grab the ball for a layup. HE pulled that off on NBA PLAYERS!

I haven't seen that done in years, if ever.

Hey Steph,I gave you the Gold Shoes idea....

KTVU Head Lice infomercial passed off as a news story.

Wow,not even subtle. Could they get a local Dr to talk about lice rather then a company exec? Sure they could...but Dr.'s don't pay squat for the time.
Although,Clair Roberts ,prez., is very easy on the eyes. An older healthy woman...wink wink.

Pete Rose dug his hole- given a ladder,then burned it. So,blame himself.

Remember when all said that Rose might get in because he never bet on games other then his own to win? And last year that turned out to be a lie? LOL.

If Joe "Cincinnati Kid" Shmoe the bookie from the 70's Pete used was still alive? He would say Pete bet a couple games that his team would LOSE..he owed money to The Kid. Uhuh,I know...

Mark Carpenter not allowed to get tweets.

I tried..but KRON has that pale blue tweet set up. So,it ruins the whole spirit and purpose of tweetering. Same for some others like Laura Anthony. They just want to advertise the goods not answer questions.Like the questions THEY ask.
Good old KNTV gets my tweets and answers them,sort of.. All -Pro TV station.

Dennis O' Donnell lets his inner ass, out.

ch5's Sports guy was on Nightbeat and brought up the bet he and Veronica De La Cruz had made. She lost.

So he tells her "The bet was you would wear pigtails on air".

With round frame glasses just like a coolie? How about buck teeth?--hi-larious. Do all the Asian Stereotypes. Or his little girl fantasy's...

I imagine she gave O Donnel a break when he first made THAT proposal just going with it. He doesn't know when to quit it seems.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Did Radnich and Carpenter have a tiff? MIA Mark.

He wasn't doing the sports show,or weekend sports anchor OR going to the Raiders and 49ers road games.. So why the hell did KRON hire him? Whats got me thinking? He's still employed at KRON.  Its like he's suspended or in suspended animation. Radnich can be cold.
Radnich hasn't said a word about the guy the last two weeks at least.

So..did they tangle like Raddy and Tuazon?.
Raddy seems like the common denominator all the time huh?   Ask Kate too.

Oh boy! Sears,Penney's and Montgomery Wards Christmas catalogs came!

Oh yeah- I 'm pouring over those pages of toys and toys and more toys. GI Joe!..and the Marine and the Green I wanted the Jeep and assorted guns. Electric football..noisy but fun fun fun. I like the Gas Stations too. Texaco in mini. Good place for my Matchbox cars. One of the coolest toys I ever got was a mechanical King Kong. With fur.   Only a few years before my brother bought me an Abominable Snowman mechanical toy too. It was great looking .sort of tall for those kind of toys. I was happy. Then my brothers put batteries in that thing and hit the switch " ARGHHHH GROWWWWL"  I started crying. It scared my 4 or 5 year old self. LOL.  That toy? My brother talk me into giving it to him so he could cut its head off and use it as a cool gear shifter on his car I remember..he cut that thing,then realized something about it made it no good for that..crying out loud. Hmmph.
Slot cars,model HO trains,I like them all. I didn't care either if the photos of the toys were in black and white.
Even my aunt would tell me as I pushed 30.."Every time I would go over to your parents when you were a boy, there you were always playing with toys. Especially the Army men" Well,I admitted I was big on them.
Toys I liked such as the Erector set were dangerous. It was metal beams with nuts and bolts. The problem was it was punched steel- razor sharp edges that could and did cut. Like that Saturday Night Live sketch in the 70's of "play broken glass"..only Erector sets were real. Same for Chemistry sets. Some dangerous chemicals in the hands of children. I never did get the volcano that ..I wanted one.

Good times...Christmas cards from a huge family and relatives went up and around the door and all along the ceiling border.
Have I revealed too much about myself?

Bob Hope introducing Jack Tatum the assassin from Ohio State.

This was the time of year Bob Hope introduced the college all stars...with a funny joke. The only introduction that stood out to me was the assassin Jack Tatum running out in his red jersey and Hope did a joke that made Tatum smile. You didn't see that too often.

I cant remember the introductory joke. I looked on the internet..not there for me. It was hilarious..hee.

Dr.Phil knows his limitations.

I watch more then before,but not that often. I do notice that as somebody with a "Dr" in his name,he doesn't have a Doctorate in Psychology let alone a medical degree in Psychiatry.

But,he also I notice, never brings up medications,brand names or "this might work" Smart guy.

He's wildly over achieved by not over reaching.

El Nino so far is El Average-O.

Yahoo beating the drum of havoc and mayhem coming from El Nino. So far I have had to drive around one puddle. Other then that..just nice rains and some fun thunder and lightning.

Our totals are still below average for the date. Yes,we've had rain like every three days..but most in the quarter inch or less totals. Who worries about that?

Like 98% of the bay area,El Nino is just lots of rain at worst. In 97/98 my home,my neighbors homes and your home came out just fine. For those who live on sandstone cliffs and who knowingly bought in flood zones- what the hell did you expect? Flood zoners paint themselves as hardy people..yet we pay for their all new flooring and foundations. Bastards,never learn when its of no cost to them- or not much.

Look,we have 6 weeks of February we start to get the longer days,the occasional 70f weather. So,let it snow,let it snow in the Sierras.

I need to water my garden. I have edible Banana plants,Mangoes and other fun things to grow....Only natives are boring.

Pigskin expertise? KRON turns to JR Stone and Bip Roberts- LOL.

KRON Has a "Sports Director" " they have former player Mark Carpenter. So who hosts their weekend football sports show?  A news reporter and a former Baseball player. Yes,its as bad as that sounds.

Let me explain why. Pero accidentally hired a very good weekend sports anchor.

Handsome,polished, you knew his first newscast that Raddie would sweat at that guy filling in for him and doing weekends. The contrast between Carpenter who loves sports and Radnich who at this point in his life only loves his car, are huge. HUGE.

Is KRON the Pero and Raddy plaything?

Why would you torpedo the one sports show you have with half a host- and I'm giving Bip credit for his A's days. Even then, Bip looks bored when its not baseball season.

 KRON is almost Liberal. Money making isn't as important as taking care of the seniors hell with ratings. Man,Pero is a commie.

Radnich wants Carpenters face off the air as much as possible.Bottom line.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

To Carr and Raiders: We will take streaky. Anything if it wins.

It was a schizo win,and once again old man Woodsen played a gem of a game to get the Raiders asses out of reverse.
Del EP? going for 2? I don't care if the snapper has gangrene. You kick the extra point. It was the worst call since running out the clock with two timeouts a few weeks ago. But, we survived.

Mack long has it been since Howie?

 It makes you think that't be talking about the Super Bowl.

You poor peons. I drive an English TWO horse open sleigh.

That's right. Its leased.... But I'm a look at me kind of guy. I have to have whats better then even what the boss drives. I also talk about it everyday.

I also would never be caught dead in a Japanese one horse sleigh. They can go to hell!

Or American. Unless you count when I was slumming with African Americans when I was at Las Vegas Remedial U..

Man,what a hay eater that American was.

Nobody from Alabama voted against the tide player. Imagine that.

IF Barry Thompkins hadn't been unbelievably vindictive,don't you think that the Heisman people might right now have looked at Stanford as a producer of champions? With one winner so recent,McCaeffery would have convinced more with some extra gravi tazzy. He's from Stanford. It would mean more.

Barry Thompkins though didn't like Harbaugh and can sleep well knowing he cost a young player -maybe two- the greatest award a college player can get.

But Barry showed that Harbaugh who's the big shot.

He voted for a player who was injured most of the season.,man. low,low,low.

IF I could vote to deny Gary Radnichs son a scholarship- would I do that? Hell no. Never in a million years. Besides, Spencer looks just like my 6 year old nephew. True.

I'm about 4 or 5 glasses generations out of style.

I'm still 2007. I see that since then Horned rim got big,then like my frameless but with stronger over the ear frames. Then the narrow eye glass design and now I see on the Chris and Steve fab fashion tv (surfing) they are wearing a hybrid of all of those.
Evolution. I'm still a fashion dead end.

Fast n' Loud has Jumped the Shark.

Its same-o every week now. Richard Rawlings love of the dollar blinds him. It dont look good he has employee's who you would think love being on TV and making a name,quit because as they each say,long hours, low pay. So what you have is new guy of the week that you go "He wont last long".
Rawlings has cultivated a Snidely Whiplash personality. Who roots for Snidely Whiplash? I root for Nell aka Sue....

Why I never gamble on games. The 49ers. Worst game in years.

Somehow even by only giving up 24 points..It was a putrid effort. You will read about the 49ers amateur O line.
And you will read how Bruce Miller looked like he was stoned missing blocks.

And you will read how the OC turned Cleveland's mid field turnovers into 3 and outs like a dance.

One thing you wont read? After the games of the Raiders and 49ers? Only the Raider players happily dress in black and silver attire. The 49ers?  Unless they work part time at the circus,they do not wear team colors.

Can Warriors go 40-1?

The Lakers followed that 33 game streak with a 18 game streak. For the record.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Another result of my blog. The gods truth.

I wrote that on my commute I would sometimes stop at Delvecchio park in Pleasanton to use the ...uh,facilities. I said though,that half the time it reeked with the smell of weed. Its close to some High School.

What happened after that? I stop to use ..again. The restroom was locked and a small placard said the restroom is now locked M-F from 9am to 4 pm LOL.

My blog is getting so powerful,I close restrooms! Gee,I hope I don't let it go to my head...

I warned about the Bucks!

Those who forget the past are Doooooomed to repeat it-lol.

Jack Hansen and Miss Abrams still alive.

I wondered about what happened to Jack Hansen- he's got a neat Face Book page. A lot of old TV local vids. He must be in his 80's. No new photos.

Miss Abrams of "Mill Valley is my home " fame and song is still doing her thing. I once thanked a kid I liked that song and it was about the bay area- almost my home. She kindly answered. She wouldn't approve of this blog,but I approve of her.

Weirdest thing Gary Radnich ever did.

In my opinion?  He went on Comcast and told how he had talked to Richie Lieberman and they agreed to a verbal shake of hands and peace. He said it with dead set sincerity. He even thanked Richie for once selling to Radnich's daughter a Volkswagen for a few hundred bucks. "Rich has to do what he does,and I respect that".. I know Kate Scott was shaking her head the whole time,Krueger and Mike the producer gritted teeth. "Richie and I are friends". All said on camera.

48 hours later Radnich says--out of the blue,nobody had said a word about RL- "I tossed Richie a bone" "See,that's how you do it..he just wants something to chew on" and Radnich was throwing his head back and shrugging his shoulders like a mafia Don laughing at those stupid cops. "That's how you handle a guy like that"  "I remember when Rich would ask me for some insider info. Why would I do that for somebody like him?" "Never trust a guy like that".

Oh man,was that bizarre. In two days? With no reason? In Public. Hypocrite,strange and I think a perfect example of a Bordeline Personality Disorder. Praise somebody with sincerity to high heaven,then turn on them for no reason. Especially when it happens in 48 hours. Man he's got some real issue's that Radnich.

It tops berating the old Piano teacher, or driving through red lights or maybe even taking Vicodin right before he all that.

Boston Heralds take? "Celtics impress Warriors" LOL.

That went on and the Warriors were in awe of Boston-lol. At least the Boston Globe had one good article..they stole my line that the Warriors are Harlem globetrotters good. Actually I would call the rest of the NBA the "NBA Generals"- pat pend.

I had to edit...

Is Marcus Thompson taking me on? He will lose.

"When I get paid I will give my opinions" he said. Huh? You ARE PAID to give your opinions. THEN get this readers- Kozimor and Monte (leaky) Poole both laughed, nodded and agreed. Kozimor said something like "That's why you are here"..So,he pointed out how stupid that was and he agreed with it?. Eee-yeah.

Let me point out that while I was writing that Billy Beane wanted out as GM..Marcus was looking at his belly button. Only I wrote that. Not he or Tim or Ann or Sue or A's insiders.  It was exclusive to my blog.

Do I have to go down the list? Jeremy Lin- I was first in the country to write about the racist ESPN jokes. By a week too.
Nancy Snyderman- hell, I called her and the whole Ebolla fiasco before it happened. Only this world only me.
Mo of San Jose State. The day he was hired I wrote he would have trouble with the local community. Mo,don't do integration unless its white and money. A year later...

Lincecum..again only I noticed he lost a huge amount of weight in 2010. Only me! You know one day his strange relationship with his father will be revealed- how his dad built and then took down Tim's career.

More recent? Diane Tuazon. I was on to the silent treatment Radnich was pulling on her. And even before she quit- I wrote she quit. I was almost always-lol.

That's just some. JaMarcus Russel I said had issues with depression and self medicating- damn! I hit that right on!
Oh- I called for the 49ers to hire Harbaugh. Jed went with Singletary. NOT a SINGLE local paid writer had brought up Jim's name pre Singletary. Not Kawakami,49er insiders..nada uno. Ask Gary Radnich..he read my email on air about hiring Harbaugh way back when.

Julie Haener!..who's been on her case the last year? Who's been making the news as selfish?- Julie Haener!

CURRY!...I almost left out that I posted "He was the best college player I saw in the NCAA's" When the Warriors were wondering if they should take him or the kid that eventually went to Milwaukee. I think I was right about Curry- ..hee.

Me? I only get paid with love. For my dear blog people and for the good of the world.

The Milwaukee Bucks were the ones to break the Lakers 33 wins streak.

Just saying. The Bucks back then had Lew Alcindor(Kareem Abdul Jabbar) and Oscar Robertson. Bob Dandridge? I might be wrong on the last. Or right.
Anyways I knew they would beat the Lakers. They had been almost as dominating that year as the Lakers,and I could see they matched up better than any other NBA team vs Los Angeles. .

Sort of like now with the Warriors and the Spurs. Keep that in mind. Duncan is the new Kareem,Parker..etc.etc.

 psHmm..Bogut is the old Wilt..rebound,pass and block shots. Wilt had stopped being a scorer..parallels galore.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Where is Mark Carpenter of KRON? JR Stone doing last weekends sports.

Why is JR Stone doing part time sports? He thinks a .305 batting average is, "He's batting three hundred and five". I swear he said that.
Raddy must be feeling very insecure. I can't remember the last time Carpenter was on KRON.
The tail wagging the dog at KRON once again.

Jesus looked like Joe Lacob..only darker.

Gee,I once said Lacob was god for rebuilding the Warriors. Turns out he's just son of god like.  Esquire Magazine has a "Scientific" recreation of the reason of the season's face. Check it out.

Rich Lieberman sings Christmas song to Gary Radnich...

To Lennon's,This Is Christmas. Rich didn't even go blue.

"So this is Christmas and another year older,oh why haven't you gone?"...

..."A very Merry Christmas,for the black and the white,but nothing in between not even the child of my wiiife"...(He's stuck with kids that look Mexican)

"A Christmas for every one, the weak and the strong,but especially the weak, who you like... to puuush a-round"...

"I hope you have fun talking about your leased car,everyday, all year loooong"....

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New year,I hate you more... after every single beer"
Love you schmuck,Rich.

I know where you go when you die. Revealed.

How many people who are dying say the same thing- "I feel cold".  There it is.You got to a celestial Antarctica. You sit on an ice flow between celestial Penguins. Colorful birds if your favorite colors are black and white.
Its Possible that instead of going down,you go up. To the North Pole. Saint Knick makes you a work slave in his Nike shoe shop. Too cold to even sweat.

Enjoy your cheeseburger while living on Earth. Its the only place you will ever eat one for all eternity. And that my friends is not sarcasm but a fact,I promise you.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!

Raddy,2013: I LOVE Kate Scott" Krueger 2013" Somebody says we hate each other".

And then it came to pass..actually the world knowing came to pass. I was on that years ago. Radnich loves a lot of people he stabs in the back- if he thinks it helps him.
Ted Raimey is the new whipping boy.

Radnich has no shame. He surrounds himself with sycophants and if somebody like Ted is placed near him..Raddy does his best to drive them away. "Do you think I would let somebody on the show if I didn't like them?" No,but somebody you are not sure about - like Kate or Diane Tuazon or Mark Carpenter- you then start the weasel effect. Like a slow torture.

Tim Kawakami writes that the Warriors are good. For the 78th time this year.

He noticed them.

My one Radnich tweet has been retweeted all over the internet.

 About his picking on woman.

Oh,I should have wrote a dozen! or two!

Radnich tells Pamela Moore "I will pick on you" + his Man Servant Van.

Grant Lotis got a sad look when he said that- I swear that is true, not sarcasm.

You know,Radnich had a chance to directly answer my Tweet..and he ran like a girl.

I had more questions..about the Little Old Piano Teacher he picked on for one example.

Or if he's a proud family man why doesn't it bother him Sid Rosenberg thinks Serena Williams looks like an ape? Raddy,proud family man has blackish children that look Mexican.

Whats with Van Akins being his Man Servant? Is his self esteem that low? His constant smile during very unfunny sketches he and Radnich plan are not what you want to show yer kids- "Look little Van,daddy is a stooge for the fat man". "And one day son,you will be a flunky for a fat two bit comic just like daddy is"..The bar is set low at the Van house.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

John Burris water waster and crappy attorney..if you are not black.

Reading that the man who uses the city of Oakland taxes to fuel his expensive lifestyle on the list of water elitist isn't a big surprise.
I read one review of him on Yelp- he got the lowest rating that can be given. Funny- but what she said about leaving a message with Burris that was just ignored?  Same here. I thought way back then and know now,He's a bigot in a way. He only takes discrimination when its Black vs White-lol. If he hears a last name that is some other ethnic name? He hits delete!  Oh,the Yelper was white.

Did you know he won a million bucks for that "Chief" at Eastbay U?  She's black and had such a flimsy case that I think that Burris is in some way in cahoots with the "connected" in city government power base.

 She won for feeling entitled is my opinion. I read that case.

You notice Oakland powers never complain that Burris drains the school and services to pay for his Yacht and luxurious life? He's a black Al Davis-lol. Only with Al,they did truly complain.

Billy Beane,Buster Posey,Klay Thompson's agent and Julie Haener. Water wasters!

Posey said his wife does the watering. Like,so ?-lol. Beane has run out of excuses- damn, life imitating the art of the moneyball man in a typical Beane and A's plot. Only this is a plot of land.

One thing I can tell you? EVERY single water waster was a Republican. Sorry Repubs..but not a single known Dem or Liberal on the list.

Julie Haener? On the KTVU website she says "I have two teenage boys with friends"..yeah? And they play slip and slide all day every day? wha' the hell excuse is that?. As bad as Posey.

It sort of says why she's divorced. Selfish much ? Give me more,more,more. If you can't? Then get the hell out! 

Thats the typical Tri Valley woman.

I found one of my old comic books. Army men.

I was sorting through old papers,photos..files that went back decades. Mixed in were a couple of comic books from 1963. I was too young to buy them by I figure I  bought them at a thrift store around '66 or 67.
The cover was missing from the back page. What did I see?  Green army men in battle with tanks and ships and bazookas. $1.99. I liked those advertisements. I could really imagine wars and battles. I blew up my Lincoln Log cabins when they were attacked by the Nazi guy throwing that nazi grenade that looked like Maraca's. Remember that? My army men who was in the laying down position with his rifle on a tripod would shoot him.  I was playing American sniper long long ago,before..well,you know.

So,as I looked at the all came back. I asked my Mom to buy that for me and she did the loving Mom thing,she sent away. A couple of weeks later they came. 1,000 army men all for $1.99.Whew-finally here.
 First thing I notice is that cardboard box is really small. I the tear the box open and ...they were the size of plastic ants. Most were attached together like 10 at a time all on one very thin pedestal- just barely enough to keep them upright. And only on a table. Forget the bed and rumpled blankets. Same for the tanks and cannons...almost two dimensional flat and thin enough you could see through some of them. Like when you dissolve a lifesaver and its a green wafer? Like that.

Never played with them. I went back to larger green army men,Dinosaurs and Woolly Mammoths.

49ers.Cannot,Willnot lose this weekend. Bet your bippy'cause I'm feelin groovy

If they lose? All hope is lost. Lost for Tomsula,lost for Gabbert,it would be a huge and terrible statement that rebuilding is going to take years. A win? They are competitors,not Isis flags after being used to wipe their butts.
A win says "We can beat anybody and getting better at doing that". Sure, its only Cleveland. That's the point. Beating who you should beat on the road is a good sign.
I better not see them come out flat as Gary Radnich's groinal area. God no.

Why conservative FOX news hates conservative Donald Trump.

You would think they would back him 100%. They might have except for one big thing. Trump said too many wealthy are not paying enough taxes. THAT is all it took.  Trump did single out the bankers,and high flying lifestyles of the investment bankers,hedge funders adding to the flame.

Trumps xenophobia might rub Australian Rupert Murdoch and son the wrong way also.

Will Barry Thompkins cost Stanford another Heisman Trophy?

I can hardly wait to find out who he votes for. As you all well know,Toby Gerhart lost by ONE vote. And what local would vote against our own? Barry Thompkins that's who. He voted for Colt McCoy- who was injured and never played a full season!.
That vote had "payback" written all over it since Barry at the time did Stanford Football TV casts. Imagine biting the hand- and for no reason given- that fed you?
It had to be a beef between Thompson and.. Harbaugh who is so lovable ( my choice- Am I right Barry? Of course I am) Stanford administration? Wasn't paid enough? They never sent him a Christmas card?
The fact the media revealed his vote gives you an idea of the anger he created. I'm not the only one to say to Barry- what gall!.
Imagine taking that away from Gerhart because the head coach didn't defer to some part time TV announcer.  That is low.

Radnich trying way too hard.

On knbr he's just laughing hysterically at everything he himself says. Nobody else is laughing,but that doesn't slow him down.
Hysterical laughter. "I see a fly on the wall".hahahahahahahaha. "I have to pee hahahahahahah" "I'm  just a phony and jerk hahahahahahahaha-oooooh-eeee.ha ha ha".
I post, he reacts. Told you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Radnich feeling the heat at KRON. Getting desperate.

 He's sweating like a pig on the set making rude promises he will whore his wife out of you follow him..He finally got to grope Jackie Bennet. Something wrong with her I guess. The years at KRON did her in.
 Radnich and his pandering. Pathetic. Mark Carpenter is ready to repaint Raddys old cubicle.
His hourglass is almost empty.

I think Radnich has orthopedic tennis shoes too...

George Rask and I think why.

He took a lot of time off to recover from his car wreck. As usual,big business see's that as malingering.

Also,Robin Winston might get away? clear path now.

I don't see him on air now. They probably figured having a guy who might do some goodbye stunt on air is not what they want. They took his key to the men's room away, He's not going to tee-pee kron with their own paper they figure.

I wonder if the Radnich Jones for African Americans and always being in Pero's ear has sort of made kron your African American station?  Asians out.. Latins never in.

Just a coincidence. Always,just a coincidence.

Has Radnich ever said "Annie Hong" on kron? I don't think so.

Like the abortion killer guy,I know now how to make a name for myself.

He probably couldn't have cared less about planned parenthood his whole life. Then he's near family,no wife. It struck him how to become a name everybody hears- famous. Then the madness.

I, seeing that? Will now dedicate my life to ending salt being poured on slugs by 10 year old's. Even if I have to push them around to save a slug. Just not hard,an easy push.  No slug will die. It's a good cause. Makes me important.

Janis Ian.

I ran across a mention of her. I thought she had died. She's alive and well.

I know that she wrote 'society's child' when she was 15 or 16. I was still buying Hot Wheels at 15..well,not really, but in comparison to get me.

Her other big hit in1975..that's why this post.  "At Seventeen". When she was on the TV shows singing it?..I cringed,shrank back every time she got to "Ugly girls like me" was painful to hear. She always sang it with a sad look and a glance teen angst meter was on overtime.

I don't know why. Maybe it conjures up school bully's or girl relatives who you knew wanted to be pretty..and were not.

It was no "Ballad of the Green Berets" on me. I was ready to go all Rambo (if Rambo had been made back then) on Southeast Asia and Russia  after hearing that. 

Lowell Cohn should have got up and pushed Kozimor out of his chair to the ground.

 Maybe be can then stand up over him like Clay did over Liston "Get up, I aint done with you," says Lowell.
Next time.

No sooner did the esteemed sports writer start to pin Beane apologist Kozimor to the mat,Kozy ignored what he heard ,changes the subject, and went to a commercial.
The Giants paid for their stadium, and the A's wont was the gist of it. So what right do the A's have to complain I ask you?

Even Ann Killion knows she wrote a knucklehead article.

"It might be good for them to lose". Yes mom. And they should always apologize when they foul an opponent. Builds character.

Whew- good thing Don Shula didn't think it was a good idea to lose. Then,his team won the Super Bowl for the only undefeated season in NFL history.

I miss Ted Raimy on 9-12.

Ah,that's why it was so dull today. Ted was missing. The previous days digs and subliminal messages,the subtle tone of voice. I was digging that.
Not many people ever venture a free opinion around Radnich. As I said,when Kruger hears Radnich is annoyed,he pleases daddy by attacking somebody he was fine with a moment ago. A good trained attack dog.

I think Ted would kill on 94.5 oop,I mean 95.7 same difference.

Oh yeah after Radnich told him 1050 wasn't a real radio station Ted did remind its knbr1050. The fur nearly flied.

Angela Merkel??

Person of the year? Houz that?  Time has a terrible record on that person of the year. Its like grammy of the year to Tony Bennet in 1995. Sure. Or Bob Dylan in 2000 something. OR-lol,Motorweek and car of the year- The Pacer won,The Audi Fox won, the ..well. Its laughable is right.

Angela Merkel? She's prez of Germany and never did figure out Volks and Audi were polluting the world? It took Americans- give them the award.

Angela Merkel?

In another Universe, 9 things dont equal nine.

That's why  I think we have a long ways to go on understanding it all. Steven Hawkings says we can,but I am dubious.
Take simple math. You would think 9 objects is 9 objects no matter where right? How can 9 not even exist? ( this goes for any number) Well,i tell you what we experience isn't close to whats beyond. Take for example quantum. A subatomic particle can exist at many places at one time. Nothing like that as the scale gets larger. But  I figure somewhere out there is a whole macro Universe of that...and weirder. Its even been proven that at the subatomic scale particles see the future,and can change it. Proven. The double slit test and the future is fascinating read on the net for one place.
But- it sure seems like all these examples prove that there is no wall between Universes. Some particles flick in and out of many. Its like a fade of one to another to another...
I think I'm in my own universe sometimes. I might be right. As usual.

Yeah- these are my least read posts. I might as well call them "Dear Diary"..ha.

100,610 Views. Thanks to many for my incredible success.

Like I always say, I wondered if I would get one reader. Eclectic, yet heavy on one subject blog. At least I have focus and consistency-right?.
If 100,610 tell another 100,610 and they all tell others...that means my blog stretches to the outer reaches of the Universe. As it should.

Why does "Merry Christmas" sound like "Age of Aquarious" ?

Every time I hear Nat King Cole sing that song I hear "When Jupiter aligns with Mars".. playing at the same time. Same timing,beat.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dr. Oz got away with it.

He never was removed from anything despite the near unanimous opinion of the medical field was that he was pushing quackery with his supplements. Nothing happened..he's still pushing products,and his show goes on. He didn't even have to admit he had no proof. A scientist with no proof is a quack. Testimonials? Those go back to snake oil sales.
Our good old USA still cannot punish those with connections and power.

I wouldn't doubt some have died using his own snake oils. He would just blame them. The End.

91 Portugese year old woman dies having sex .

That means there is something to Meredith's drive. DNA.!

2 or 5 at noon?

It used to be a hard decision since 5 changed noon people all the time. 2 had Tori and that was just a neutral talent.But,the newscast won over me. Now? I think 5.  Mickalea is a million dollars..but 2 at noon is her reading  news storys one after another at breakneck speed. They get in more news in 30 minutes then any other 30 minute news in the bay area.

5 has Roberta's great weather casts- more micro climates followed then any other news in the bay area- that's a fact not an opinion. The anchors do a competent job. Its like the two channels are arm wrestling and five is getting the top edge.

Dont mess with me.

Or I will give you a ticket.

I think Kruger follows Raddy's eye's like a trained attack dog.

Just cracks me up..if Radnich hints he wants Larry to rip...Larry goes for it. My dog used to do that..but only peaceful. He would watch my body language and react..If I even started to cross the street,that genius Australian Shepard would do it in perfect harmony with me. I had to say nothing. No,he was the very opposite of an attack dog in personality. But Larry's methods are the same-ha.

Radnich"The apple doesnt fall far from the tree". LOL. He reads me..yawn.

Read my why he's an Asian bigot post and why it stuck in his fat mind.  Gee,my father Gary was a hard worker for 43 years for SP railroad. And loved to read all the classics,do the NY Times crossword puzzles. Filled it out just about every day.
Yours told you that he would never own a Jap car.  I cant think of a single negative thing mine said about Asian cars. Why would he when he drove a Datsun pickup?.

I can see,I know you a hell of a lot better then you know anything about me. As usual,your only good at sounding like you know something. Even if a natural born liar like you has to make it up.

Oh .and my brother has two Purple Hearts from his service in Vietnam. See? that's just another reason why I cant stand you. You are another who wants to send others to die. But,you never enlisted did you ? Dad?..noooo.Hey,neither did Krugers right wing brothers and dad did they? And as usual they are hawks- right lare?

Lie-berman gets it wrong again. Robin Winston.

Robin Winston turned down the kgo job he wrote, last week. This week,he says the total opposite.She wants it so bad.
He spelled her name right.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Amad Fahreed one brave sob.

With that name and growing a beard? omg. I grew one 25 years ago to look good. I was told I looked like a terrorist.
Amad is a lion!

Scott Riese hated by Lie-berman and Radnich. He must be a great guy.

Why do they hate him? I don't know. But Raddy was on Scott today like he is one of the woman underlings at kron. In person would he say to Riese?..of course not.
Lie berman? No reason either.
Me?.. I never mention him because he does nothing to post about. Republican? He probably is. Other then that,nothing.

San Francisco Police murder a black man.

THAT was murder. I'm shocked that all involved have not been arrested and charged. Unlike the 17 year old who had committed crimes and was taunting police? This guy was hunched,something wrong in his head and he looked to be 5' and 120 pounds. Surrounded by 8 officers..what was the reason for shooting? Any one of those police were twice his size. Tasers didn't go through the guys coat? Well,wound the leg. That would work.Being shot in the leg hurts like hell.

No,this was murder.Cold blooded target shooting. Something about the SF Police force always trying too hard to be anti spirit of the city over and over.

The Mayor and the Police chief can be as calm as they want,but that was a wolfpack mentality.

5' away and 12 cops cant shoot the poor nut in the hand or arm? Murder.

Ted Raimy is not Larry Kruger and Gary Radnichs best friend.

The acrimony was turned way up as Ted filled in for Joe who is "filling in" for Kate. Radnich instigated it and Kruger then went for the jugular of the Union head Ted Raimy. Sure,the pretense was sports..the reality is I never heard the 9-12 guys turn on Ted pre unionizing at KNBR. Now? They are just blatantly hostile.
Ted,spoke up..firm loud voice. That just made Radnich and Kruger angrier.
Oh,yeah,Radnich has really been on a roll attacking co workers or pushing them to submit.

Why,he even had highly paid technicians block me from making a second tweet to him-lol.

Reggie Kumar,pretending to still be in the media?

I noticed that Pam Moore's FB seems to stay in touch with anybody who worked at KRON. Just the opposite of the fathead "Sports Director". ha,yeah sure.

Anyway's I see Reggie Kumar's page. So I take a look and it still says Reggie Kumar,KRON4. Only the last post was in early 2014.  Another Frozen in time career.

He also has a FB of his working in L.A.  His Tweet machine also. The tweet machine though is all re tweets of news storys. Nothing from RK.
After that,I stopped my investigation. I had already spent too much time in wonderment of Reggie Kumar.

Even John Elway must be ashamed deep down.

John Elway Pac 8,10,12,etc offensive player of the century? WOW- what an idiotic choice. I would go with OJ long before I would go with Elway. Elway,who had a losing record and never took Stanford to a bowl game over Jim Plunkett who won the Heisman Trophy,took Stanford to the Rose Bowl and won,was NFL rookie of the Year,and then won TWO Super Bowls with the Raiders...was less then Elway?
Do I really have to say why Elway was named?
I can think of dozens of players more worthy then Elway. USC running backs..must be turning in their graves or maybe turning on a light switch if they are still living,at Elway's award.
Elway was very good. Not GREATEST good in college.
And you wonder why I blog on racism in media and sports...

Ralph the Razor sure fooled em all.

Did you see the commercial or even the segment he did for ch2?  He looked happy as a lark..talked fine.
I guess it was war before..his lawyer might have advised "Ralph,maybe take a bit less know so you wheeze more. You might lose some weight. The reward for millions is a big incentive to push the table away."
If he was like he is now, during the negotiations?,Ralph would still be recycling to get by.

Did I tell you about the day Curry was inspired by me? True.

When I was allowed my freedom on the Merc or Trib or whatever title,on the basketball blog,the beat guy wrote that Curry had some special shoe made for his ankle.
So,I wrote "Curry should have the coolest shoe ever made- gold lame with metallic flakes and neon pink shoe laces.

It wasnt more then a few weeks later-or months maybe- Curry showed up in THOSE shoes -I think for the all star game it was-in metal flake. No pink neon laces. Too tacky I guess -wink,wink.

I swear 100% true.

Or..just a fantastic coincidence like all my other fantastic coincidences I have posted. Sure.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

God is Curry..

Why pretend local sports writers?  HE is the Warriors. Once Monta had his ass kicked off the team,Curry made the team a winner single handled.
Kawakami did a story on Curry. I didn't read much more then the headline. What else to say ? He's great. The greatest Warrior I've ever seen. Turns the ball over more then Rick Barry..but after that Curry is quicker,deadlier. I never thought the Warriors would ever again get a Barry,let alone a better Barry. A better Barry needs to be an all time great. Curry is there.

Amare Cooper, one man season killer.

He drops the easiest of catches. Why? Because he's afraid of getting NFL hit. He's got more eye and ears on footsteps then getting his hands around the ball. That's his problem.
Carr? The propensity for the game killing INT. Today they will blame the turf or rain..blah blah.  He's done it often enough that..its what he does. Time will tell. Alex Smith choked like he always does..and the Raiders out choked Alex Smith. Muy malo.

btw- NOT ONE sportswriter will say the truth about Cooper. You read it here.

I want to see Minister of Silly Walks celebration.

That would be funny..doing the John Cleese/Monty Python walk on the field of play. I would laugh. Goosestep too.That high kick? hilarious...then a pirouette.  The taller the player the funnier it would be.

Penalty accepted or declined. Why?

Why when a team gets a penalty, is it the option of the other team to accept or decline? If they cheated (penalty) then ADD it on and the loss of downs. You see where a team declines to force the down..but the penalty should be added ALL the time and loss of down. NO reward for good cheating.
The NFL just sticks to some arcane rules.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Steve Berman- hypocrite and sell out.

When I see he's favorited or whatever it was a Radnich tweet?,THEN read him whine that 95.7 banned him? I say I had him right on.
He as you well know "banned" me for a bogus made up reason..never telling readers the local franchises and KNBR were not happy with me.
See? Thats why he 's posting that his site is a waste of his time. He's spinning wheels while his family waits for him to get a real job. NOW,if he wasnt cookie cutter- I would have supported the guys blog.

Dont tell me its not done that way. I'm too old to care what the excuses are.

Maybe he could use his site to push Gamblers- call now for FREE info!- the kick back is pretty good I hear.

Lisa Argen was partime..and rose to part time?. RL412 is an idiot.

"She worked her way up" ?... 20 years ago..well you read the title. She's alright. Has a lot of the "Too cool for School".

Dan Ashleys

I kid you not. Last years post,still leads week after week. I notice now that Dan,sort of has a wing to it with lots of Dippity Doo spread thick on his quaff of hair.
When I was in early grammar school my mom used to do the Ricky Ricardo hair on me. Dan brings back those days.
See,if you can't get the haircut just right,you do what Dan and Donald Trump do-- encase the hair in that some sort of chemical shellac.

Maybe God isnt so on.

I swear on the memory of my parents,I sent the other post,went into the kitchen to grab a bite and one of the punks around here who speeds by my house let it rip. What happened after he got to 60 in a 30mph right in front of my home? I saw flashing lights and the Hayward police right on his tail-LOL.   Fantastic!..just beautiful.
How..mysterious-lol. All true.

God is not good. A post that will get me MANY fans-ha.

I've been watching "Closer to the Truth"  an interesting show KQED buries at 2am.

Philosophers,Theologians, Scientists are asked on a few episodes what they think of God if  it does exist. I will make this short: EVERY single one thinks that "God" is a good thing. Do you know,not a single one of those scholars would even approach the idea that this reality is not for our entertainment. Its fodder.

NOT a single one- India,the UK, couldn't imagine anything but Lollipops and Unicorns in any episode. NOT one said its a flawed imperfect system and that's that. NOT ONE!

I mean,when you kill a person? It's called murder. When "God" does that,doesn't that make him a murderer? Sure it does- I answered for you.  IF anybody really thought dead=alive forever,then why do we send people to prison for murder? They sent souls to heaven right? Give them a medal-lol.

No,we are not chosen. Your importance to this Universe is equal to an ant. And that ant you stepped on? Did you see a soul go to ant heaven? Why not? It has DNA,lives, breathes,is social. Same for bacteria. How many souls of them did you kill in the shower? Or did they go to bacteria heaven too?

Ask Bill Gates or Sam Walton if they like the idea that they are not the person they were at 16 and that any day could be their last. Ask them when they look in the mirror if what they see is "good".
I wont even go into the money thing. You heard all that before I'm sure.

I'm sure many have said that "God" wants us to belong and enjoy" ...That's all cop out arguments. Again,to make it short.
Enjoy if you want,the Universe doesn't care and Hitler is for sure not in some hell away from Ghandi above. Nobody wants to know the truth.

One last after thought. You do know that when you do die the synapses in your brain disconnect instantly. Every memory you had is gone. Every part of the mind that told your arms to move or eyes to blink falls apart. I mean,you do read that as soon as somebody dies...the body is subject to mutilation..autopsy's for one.
If people in senility are no longer themselves,don't you think death is much worse?-lol.

Get this,this is what Raddy said about my tweet...

He also dropped in "My kids read those things". "Those things" are what Radnich said. Why do you all think neither he or KRON or KNBR have done nothing but worry about what I will write? Because,I write what he actually said,who he actually supports- like racist rosenberg- and there is nothing wrong in what I do.
If he doesn't like the word pedo attached to his name,then stop pushing the pedo mans songs on KNBR and KRON.
Pero and Hammer don't care. I do. Somebody should.

Laura Anthony no -nonsense,no humor 24-7-365.

Tweets to her just fadeeee away. Ha. I'm sure if KGO7 ever let her go,FOX would be happy to have her on 2.
 She does a fine job,but life is just a barrel of monkeys attitude she surely does not have.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Maybe Im too hard on the poor media boys.

So what?...ha.

Rich LIE -berman media lies to readers again.You pay for that?

He posted the kron4 propaganda on Diane Tuazon. I dont doubt she has an unwell dad. But that's not the total of why she quit KRON right after Radnich called her a complainer right on air. Not after just 5 months.

Rich Lieberman gives you the real story even if he has to make it up. He writes most of the compliments on his blog too. That's old news though.