Tuesday, December 1, 2015

412media wont report the Tuazon shocker. Typical.

If she was Jewish? He would be outraged. That's not a guess,that's a fact. Being a woman is another strike with RL. I stopped because when he extends his agenda to ask for an all Jewish KGO,and praises The Savage Wiener,he's now in propaganda territory and his own cronyism. He's not subtle.

Monte Poole? Clown. I 'm glad you were demoted to a simple basketball bitch. Always say what they tell you to say Monte. Its not like I would read you to find out the truth...

Oh,and Monte. Any more writings from you that woman college sports are a drain?  Title 9 should be overturned? You never seem to bring that  up. You did say those things in a fit of brilliance!

I still dont miss Kessler. He had no talent-wink-wink.