Thursday, December 3, 2015

A veiled message to Gary Radnich from Diane Tuazon?...

On her facebook page she has posted a saying that went something like this: Those who are intimidated by you belittle you in front of others so as to make you less in their eyes and keep you from what can do"..Not an exact exact quote word for word. It sounds like a message to Radnich who on air many times belittled Diane. That whole not say her name is a disgrace to KRON and management. I couldnt wish the worst for the lot of them.Put that on the backstory.
Diane appears to have removed that saying that was there this morning.

See? This is really gets me..Diane and everybody else see's Radnich picking on people who he KNOWS wont fight back. Me? I would have knocked him on his ass if he said things to me on air that he said to Diane. But, I have no worries being belittled in person as Radnich likes to kick woman around. The man was playing pedo R Kelly music on his show. I have to wonder about his daughter and what she goes through. Did you read my Howard Stern post? uh huh. Raddy and Stern.

Hey,it reminds me of the tactics evil Rich Leiberman pulled on me. I did things he couldn't do in a million years of blogging. That jackass is headed to a cardiac soon anyways. Say hi to Pig vomit down there Rich.