Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ah,my gawd. Radnich attitude was just dripping all over the KRON set.

Like he was convinced he's Mr. Kron and all obey him. He was reeking attitude,putdowns- putdowns others are never allowed to return if you noticed. No wonder he thinks he "wins" all the time.
Does he think that's the real world? Its not even entertainment. Nausea.
He reminds me of Phil Spector the egomaniac great music producer sent to prison for stupidly waving a gun in a guest face..and it went off. Anyway's Spectors in prison about a year and some guy said something to him that I don't remember-- but Specter gave him a wise guy answer like he had given a 100 music stars over the decades-like the Beatles. The other prisoner knocked a tooth out of Specter and sent him to the prison hospital.
Thats Raddy. One wrong part of town wiseguy better then you remark from eating the pavement.
Let me tell you something...that whole thing that he's bigger and wealthier then Bill Gates and he's the "top sportscaster in the bay area" ? He believes it. Its why he would yell at a 80 year old piano teacher- at a recital! Or park in  a handicapped zone at his job site..no worries that KRON execs would say a thing.
Tonight was his best Las Vegas lounge "I love you baby,but do what I tell you huh Dave,huh Grant?"

The KRON ratpack! (and cult)..LOL at you, ego man...