Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Being amateur Media critic and sportswriter. It fits so well.

 Its right up my alley. I've watched TV all my life in the bay area. I saw Eddie Alexander come,then leave,and watch Radnich steal Eddies off the wall..and yes,Eddie would say about himself being off the wall.
I've seen the personality's come and go. The Dave and Lois Walker marriage when they were single then wed, The Susan Blake and Brian Hackney meltdown on air-- if looks could kill,Susan would be deceased about 20 years now. The same acrimony with Mark Ibanez and whats her name the blond. The more he did the Frito Bandito smile-- the more she stared into his soul. Wanting to rip it out no doubt.

Hey Charlie and Humphrey,Captain Satellite, ch 2 had a kids show in '64 that had "Wake up Little Suzie" as the theme. The shows name is lost to my memory. But I remember the Hercules cartoons he played.

I remember people would oooooohhh  at Jerry Jenson laughing at Van Amburgs joke DURING THE NEWS?! True. It was shocking TV at first..fun,but shocking.

I've seen it all. Even behind the scenes at KPIX in 1969. My mom thought she saw my brother in a news segment about Vietnam. We all went to KPIX to see the tape. They let us in and were polite. Was it my brother? probably not..just a mom missing her son in the war.

All,all,all. From black and white TV's to heavy wood "Mediterranean" cabinets TV with record player built in to the HD tvs that weigh  almost nothing.
I MISS SCIENCE IN ACTION! on kqed on National Education TV.
Anyways, Do what you are good at. I'm a do'in. Beats chess.
Oh well I guess we all like to reminisce. I'm probably not the first in the bay area to do that on a blog-wink-wink