Thursday, December 10, 2015

Billy Beane,Buster Posey,Klay Thompson's agent and Julie Haener. Water wasters!

Posey said his wife does the watering. Like,so ?-lol. Beane has run out of excuses- damn, life imitating the art of the moneyball man in a typical Beane and A's plot. Only this is a plot of land.

One thing I can tell you? EVERY single water waster was a Republican. Sorry Repubs..but not a single known Dem or Liberal on the list.

Julie Haener? On the KTVU website she says "I have two teenage boys with friends"..yeah? And they play slip and slide all day every day? wha' the hell excuse is that?. As bad as Posey.

It sort of says why she's divorced. Selfish much ? Give me more,more,more. If you can't? Then get the hell out! 

Thats the typical Tri Valley woman.