Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cathy Heenan plays offended card on Dave Spahrs.

The kron news was almost over as they came back from a break for Spahrs final weather prognostications.  Then,Cathy Heenan tells the audience,"I told Dave I was doing the New Years Show with Gary and he told me (almost said with a gasp) to wear a mask". Then she looked at him like she was soooo insulted.

I think Dave see's the writing on the wall. Don't unpack all the luggage. He rubbed Radnich the wrong way by noticing that Raddy is allowed to dish it out,but he cant take it..at all.

Once Diane Tuazon is replaced with a non Asian to satisfy Radnich,Dave will be out.

Radnich is such an ass. "You wait by the phone Dave for the call to come". You would have thought Spahr took Gary Radnich's handicapped parking spot that Radnich himself stole from an 80 year old.