Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dave Spahr getting on my good side.

He's zinged Radnich a time or two. The other night after a Santa news story, Dave said "Gary has a Santa Suit doesn't he?" And you could see the shock that went over Cathy Hennan and Grant Lotis. Their mouths dropped open..nothing came out. It was if he had said "The Pope is the enemy" and then tore up the popes 8x10.
Thats cult man. When a slight zing doesnt get even a smile. Oh,get this- Heenan and Lotis looked at each other and Lotis shook his head like "What a heretic"..!

When you predict the future like I do, its something you better believe when you read it.

There is only one reason Raddy brought up the Lotis's baby. To remind his/her Dad to stay in line.

I mean, c'mon..a joke about Raddy who thinks he's a comedian- in a Santa Suit..doesn't even get a smile? Cult man,cult.

Watch yer back Dave. You saw what happened to Diane.  And also to Vanessa who wouldn't twirk for the grand poo-pa.