Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Diane Tuazon quits racist hell hole KRON. A Stan exclusive.

Yes,she's formerly of KRON now.  I would bet that Radnich harassed her because that's what he's done his whole life to ASIAN woman. Its what he pulled on Emerald Yee,Wendy Tokuda and Diane Tuazon. He hates them even more then non Asian woman he also has driven out of a job like Kate Scott.

I can easily see how he does that. I wouldn't doubt for a second the old kron kronies like Pam Moore,Cathy "the Nun" Heenan and all the rest gave Diane Tuazon the silent treatment. Pero? Fuck him.

I might contact Diane Tuazon later to see what went down.

Fuck Radnich,the evil rightwinger . He wishes he could have told Diane she was fired on Christmas eve. He's so crazy...what a comic he is.