Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Did I not call the Radnich- Huazon results? He hates ASIANS.

What more do you need to know?..I've been saying it for years. Radnich has said "I like my woman white or my woman black- and nothing in between" If that's not admitting to be a racist what is? I knew he would be on her with putdowns,the silent treatment from the day she was hired.

Radnich seems to have no problems at taking the food out of others mouths.
Lets hope he chokes on a porkchop at his favorite spot-and soon.

Oh-lol,Radnich in his tweet page says he's "A proud family man".LOL. As compared to unproud family men?.So many men with family's are unproud of it. Not the KRON genius..he's "Proud"!

Once again,I'm ahead of the media curve..and right as always. 421 Media never had a clue.

btw- Wanting his woman black or white, and nothing in between? Bad news for his daughter since she, and also his son, are in between.