Monday, December 14, 2015

El Nino so far is El Average-O.

Yahoo beating the drum of havoc and mayhem coming from El Nino. So far I have had to drive around one puddle. Other then that..just nice rains and some fun thunder and lightning.

Our totals are still below average for the date. Yes,we've had rain like every three days..but most in the quarter inch or less totals. Who worries about that?

Like 98% of the bay area,El Nino is just lots of rain at worst. In 97/98 my home,my neighbors homes and your home came out just fine. For those who live on sandstone cliffs and who knowingly bought in flood zones- what the hell did you expect? Flood zoners paint themselves as hardy people..yet we pay for their all new flooring and foundations. Bastards,never learn when its of no cost to them- or not much.

Look,we have 6 weeks of February we start to get the longer days,the occasional 70f weather. So,let it snow,let it snow in the Sierras.

I need to water my garden. I have edible Banana plants,Mangoes and other fun things to grow....Only natives are boring.