Monday, December 7, 2015

Even John Elway must be ashamed deep down.

John Elway Pac 8,10,12,etc offensive player of the century? WOW- what an idiotic choice. I would go with OJ long before I would go with Elway. Elway,who had a losing record and never took Stanford to a bowl game over Jim Plunkett who won the Heisman Trophy,took Stanford to the Rose Bowl and won,was NFL rookie of the Year,and then won TWO Super Bowls with the Raiders...was less then Elway?
Do I really have to say why Elway was named?
I can think of dozens of players more worthy then Elway. USC running backs..must be turning in their graves or maybe turning on a light switch if they are still living,at Elway's award.
Elway was very good. Not GREATEST good in college.
And you wonder why I blog on racism in media and sports...