Friday, December 4, 2015

Gary Radnich can pick on woman,but wont STANd up to a man- me!

One tweet. Then Radnich does what he usually does. Lies through his teeth "A slew of tweets " he said on KRON  One to him? LOL. Why did he even bring it up? Because what I posted was true,and he does not want you to know that. Radnich asked on KRON "Do you think I would make it if I was a jerk?" THAT's the only way somebody like you makes it Raddy. I know that.
 Go listen to your pedo music that you admit you enjoy so much.

You didn't like it did you scumball? I jerked my thumb in your face. Hey you should have told your fans it was me. Stand up to me. No,you wont. Only woman are what you like to pick on.