Wednesday, December 9, 2015

George Rask and I think why.

He took a lot of time off to recover from his car wreck. As usual,big business see's that as malingering.

Also,Robin Winston might get away? clear path now.

I don't see him on air now. They probably figured having a guy who might do some goodbye stunt on air is not what they want. They took his key to the men's room away, He's not going to tee-pee kron with their own paper they figure.

I wonder if the Radnich Jones for African Americans and always being in Pero's ear has sort of made kron your African American station?  Asians out.. Latins never in.

Just a coincidence. Always,just a coincidence.

Has Radnich ever said "Annie Hong" on kron? I don't think so.