Saturday, December 5, 2015

God is not good. A post that will get me MANY fans-ha.

I've been watching "Closer to the Truth"  an interesting show KQED buries at 2am.

Philosophers,Theologians, Scientists are asked on a few episodes what they think of God if  it does exist. I will make this short: EVERY single one thinks that "God" is a good thing. Do you know,not a single one of those scholars would even approach the idea that this reality is not for our entertainment. Its fodder.

NOT a single one- India,the UK, couldn't imagine anything but Lollipops and Unicorns in any episode. NOT one said its a flawed imperfect system and that's that. NOT ONE!

I mean,when you kill a person? It's called murder. When "God" does that,doesn't that make him a murderer? Sure it does- I answered for you.  IF anybody really thought dead=alive forever,then why do we send people to prison for murder? They sent souls to heaven right? Give them a medal-lol.

No,we are not chosen. Your importance to this Universe is equal to an ant. And that ant you stepped on? Did you see a soul go to ant heaven? Why not? It has DNA,lives, breathes,is social. Same for bacteria. How many souls of them did you kill in the shower? Or did they go to bacteria heaven too?

Ask Bill Gates or Sam Walton if they like the idea that they are not the person they were at 16 and that any day could be their last. Ask them when they look in the mirror if what they see is "good".
I wont even go into the money thing. You heard all that before I'm sure.

I'm sure many have said that "God" wants us to belong and enjoy" ...That's all cop out arguments. Again,to make it short.
Enjoy if you want,the Universe doesn't care and Hitler is for sure not in some hell away from Ghandi above. Nobody wants to know the truth.

One last after thought. You do know that when you do die the synapses in your brain disconnect instantly. Every memory you had is gone. Every part of the mind that told your arms to move or eyes to blink falls apart. I mean,you do read that as soon as somebody dies...the body is subject to mutilation..autopsy's for one.
If people in senility are no longer themselves,don't you think death is much worse?-lol.