Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hendu dies. One month older than me.

So ,you see why I said the reality of mortality stops being a joke..and can shake you up? One day here,the next day as if you never existed..for eternity. Not until next weeks episode, like young people think it goes.

Seems like a disproportionate amount of African American athletes die younger then Eskimos I.E. all everybody else.

It really seems like their body's pay for the edge they had in their youth. Their is a price for everything..a equal and opposite reaction too.

I know Hendu HATED steroid users. But,who knows? Hendu got better as he got older up to a point. Early death is always a red flag. African American's more susceptible maybe?

And if he never took an aspirin? I would believe it. Dave Henderson  seemed like a straight up guy. Intense ( another killer hormone) in interviews he reminded me of me. Once I get going..Dave too.
Man,he I just heard him a few weeks ago. I had no idea the countdown was on...only so many heartbeats left for Dave as the clock was ticking.

Yep,I better start my bucket list. To be one of the Beatles...