Thursday, December 10, 2015

I found one of my old comic books. Army men.

I was sorting through old papers,photos..files that went back decades. Mixed in were a couple of comic books from 1963. I was too young to buy them by I figure I  bought them at a thrift store around '66 or 67.
The cover was missing from the back page. What did I see?  Green army men in battle with tanks and ships and bazookas. $1.99. I liked those advertisements. I could really imagine wars and battles. I blew up my Lincoln Log cabins when they were attacked by the Nazi guy throwing that nazi grenade that looked like Maraca's. Remember that? My army men who was in the laying down position with his rifle on a tripod would shoot him.  I was playing American sniper long long ago,before..well,you know.

So,as I looked at the all came back. I asked my Mom to buy that for me and she did the loving Mom thing,she sent away. A couple of weeks later they came. 1,000 army men all for $1.99.Whew-finally here.
 First thing I notice is that cardboard box is really small. I the tear the box open and ...they were the size of plastic ants. Most were attached together like 10 at a time all on one very thin pedestal- just barely enough to keep them upright. And only on a table. Forget the bed and rumpled blankets. Same for the tanks and cannons...almost two dimensional flat and thin enough you could see through some of them. Like when you dissolve a lifesaver and its a green wafer? Like that.

Never played with them. I went back to larger green army men,Dinosaurs and Woolly Mammoths.