Thursday, December 3, 2015

I'm better known then I thought.

I was internetting,and I kept coming across my posts that are that guy's blog this guys blog and so forth. And as I read comments left by others years ago. They mostly said "We like your posts,but too many on Radnich". Funny that my posts on Radnich here are the ones that get near the biggest views. (Anchor hair is no..1  Dan Ashley is still killing them on my blog as his hair topics ride the tide of popularity. Amazing.)
The years go by- and the things I called Radnich down on and what they mean? Proved me right.  Ask Diane or Vanessa if he's the fatherly glow of kron.

And ,you should know-- I didnt stop on basg,or Rich or the Mercury or Chron.  They blocked me. With the Chron,I used to go after the editor of the sports page. And then he makes news this year getting caught printing what the Warriors told him to say. I predicted that!..and I said he protects the Giants too. Then I was banned.
The Mercury? I cornered Tim Kawakami and their Basketball bloggers...they had no answers to my questions. And they make a living asking questions. The irony huh?

I did stop on Lowell...but thought he knew better then to accuse when he could have asked. But,I like the guy and just decided enough of being censored. I wrote some great posts that he never posted. I did ask,and he said that I had no proof to back up my opinion. As we all know now..I say it ? it happens. Billy Beane,Nancy Snyderman...right to Diane Tuazon who I knew was going to get run out of Kron. She lasted all of 5 months with Radnich.

So,I didnt back down. My points were so sharp,they just closed the door since they had nothing else.
I might go forth and start twittering the local personalitys. If they block me..more on the list.