Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In another Universe, 9 things dont equal nine.

That's why  I think we have a long ways to go on understanding it all. Steven Hawkings says we can,but I am dubious.
Take simple math. You would think 9 objects is 9 objects no matter where right? How can 9 not even exist? ( this goes for any number) Well,i tell you what we experience isn't close to whats beyond. Take for example quantum. A subatomic particle can exist at many places at one time. Nothing like that as the scale gets larger. But  I figure somewhere out there is a whole macro Universe of that...and weirder. Its even been proven that at the subatomic scale particles see the future,and can change it. Proven. The double slit test and the future is fascinating read on the net for one place.
But- it sure seems like all these examples prove that there is no wall between Universes. Some particles flick in and out of many. Its like a fade of one to another to another...
I think I'm in my own universe sometimes. I might be right. As usual.

Yeah- these are my least read posts. I might as well call them "Dear Diary"..ha.