Saturday, December 12, 2015

Is Marcus Thompson taking me on? He will lose.

"When I get paid I will give my opinions" he said. Huh? You ARE PAID to give your opinions. THEN get this readers- Kozimor and Monte (leaky) Poole both laughed, nodded and agreed. Kozimor said something like "That's why you are here"..So,he pointed out how stupid that was and he agreed with it?. Eee-yeah.

Let me point out that while I was writing that Billy Beane wanted out as GM..Marcus was looking at his belly button. Only I wrote that. Not he or Tim or Ann or Sue or A's insiders.  It was exclusive to my blog.

Do I have to go down the list? Jeremy Lin- I was first in the country to write about the racist ESPN jokes. By a week too.
Nancy Snyderman- hell, I called her and the whole Ebolla fiasco before it happened. Only this world only me.
Mo of San Jose State. The day he was hired I wrote he would have trouble with the local community. Mo,don't do integration unless its white and money. A year later...

Lincecum..again only I noticed he lost a huge amount of weight in 2010. Only me! You know one day his strange relationship with his father will be revealed- how his dad built and then took down Tim's career.

More recent? Diane Tuazon. I was on to the silent treatment Radnich was pulling on her. And even before she quit- I wrote she quit. I was almost always-lol.

That's just some. JaMarcus Russel I said had issues with depression and self medicating- damn! I hit that right on!
Oh- I called for the 49ers to hire Harbaugh. Jed went with Singletary. NOT a SINGLE local paid writer had brought up Jim's name pre Singletary. Not Kawakami,49er insiders..nada uno. Ask Gary Radnich..he read my email on air about hiring Harbaugh way back when.

Julie Haener!..who's been on her case the last year? Who's been making the news as selfish?- Julie Haener!

CURRY!...I almost left out that I posted "He was the best college player I saw in the NCAA's" When the Warriors were wondering if they should take him or the kid that eventually went to Milwaukee. I think I was right about Curry- ..hee.

Me? I only get paid with love. For my dear blog people and for the good of the world.