Monday, December 21, 2015

Jed's luck ended,he now seeks his own water level.

I wrote years ago-- Jed low balled Jim Harbaugh and that should have sent JH to Miami which offered a much better package. Yet,Harbaugh wanted to follow in the footsteps of his idol Bill Walsh,so he took the 49ers offer.
I remember even after the signing, Jed yawned to the media "Our deal wasn't going to be a penny more" Arrogant asshole.

He even handicapped Harbaugh by making him use Jed's cronies as GM...assistants,and team management as spy's and leakers to the media as Jed saw fit.

Harbaugh was a on an upward projectory since he started coaching. Rare.

Like many Arteests,Harbaugh was hard to deal with. Jed wanted both worlds..a servant coach who would give Jed credit and wanted THAT out of an outlaw winner.

Jed and his father are more Chris Cohans less Eddie D,Al Davis or Franklyn Mueli. Or Lacob.

I do see Jed and the Yorks wanting a Billy Beane. WASPish penny pincher who has a winning record.

Go find one.