Thursday, December 10, 2015

John Burris water waster and crappy attorney..if you are not black.

Reading that the man who uses the city of Oakland taxes to fuel his expensive lifestyle on the list of water elitist isn't a big surprise.
I read one review of him on Yelp- he got the lowest rating that can be given. Funny- but what she said about leaving a message with Burris that was just ignored?  Same here. I thought way back then and know now,He's a bigot in a way. He only takes discrimination when its Black vs White-lol. If he hears a last name that is some other ethnic name? He hits delete!  Oh,the Yelper was white.

Did you know he won a million bucks for that "Chief" at Eastbay U?  She's black and had such a flimsy case that I think that Burris is in some way in cahoots with the "connected" in city government power base.

 She won for feeling entitled is my opinion. I read that case.

You notice Oakland powers never complain that Burris drains the school and services to pay for his Yacht and luxurious life? He's a black Al Davis-lol. Only with Al,they did truly complain.