Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kari Hall making me twitch. In a good way. Christina Loren thoughts.

I notice- she dropped the grandma green dresses. Today she looks hot in a short red dress. I like the look. She is in the middle of hottest weatherwoman on a cool December day ,no doubt about it. She gets me to watch.

Christina Loren. The only way for her to lose was for the media to bar the door.  I always thought she was a hotter pepper then KNTV would enjoy. From day one seeing her I thought that. Now,nothing that's her fault...just not KNTV's sexy- but-you -might get-them female anchors. Christina was Playboy material. Even Damon Bruce "I have a show in San Francisco" couldn't hold one down.

I would bet on KTVU as a possible return. Just a hunch.