Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Keep the booze away from Mexicans..

There are some parts of the Mexican American culture I cant stand. The worship of alcohol. Its far far too deeply rooted. Even now the falling down drunk is machismo in Latino movies. I never could see how the stink of alcohol could be so important. Plus-- many a Mexican American male has boasted to me how well they can drive drunk.
Oh man.
Dos Tequila's!...

Liver cirrhosis is rampant in Mexican Americans, worse in the country of Mexico. To think,that the lifespan of Latinos is greater then most even with that dragging them down. Beans and rice and corn tortillas are some of the best foods for you.
I had to say it. I've seen that smug lifting of the cervesa to the camera all my life. As bad as cancer sticks.