Monday, December 28, 2015

KRON has it's best Sunday Night Sports show.

Mark Carpenter was hosting although he was made to say  "JR Stone returns next week" either for all the JR Stone doing sports lovers or maybe to say to a blogger "you didnt win".
Bip Roberts couldn't have looked more uninterested than if he was told "Bip,look so bored you are almost angry to even be here". He followed that perfectly.
KRON sports is just so strange. The old as dirt Sports Director who goes to no games "I can see better on TV" he says. Funny but I told my 78 year old cousin Raddy said that and he laughed. "That means hes too old to go to games now. He's worried he wont be able to get to the bathroom"..LOL.  Probably true.

Carpenter is wound steel ready to go...But KRON is going with Stone?  Mr. "He's now batting three hundred and twenty one"?
Can JR Stone explain the infield fly rule? The double switch? A balk?. In basketball he thinks the triangle is what Baby Curry plays in her kindergarten music class.