Friday, December 25, 2015

LeBron James has peaked. Kevin Love not fitting in.

I've seen enough of him to know that LeBrons best days are behind him. He's not money in the clutch nor can he score at will anymore. I think his first season with Miami was his peak. He's at his 12th season..that's a lot of mileage and hoopla. I don't think he can lift off from (near) the free throw line and dunk like he could at his best.

Kevin Love? wow what happened to him? Kevin looking for Love in all the wrong places. Where is that dead eye shooting? The 30 point and 20 rebound games? He looks soft. Klay had steel eyes in comparison.

Today Cleveland played terrorist basketball..less scoring and lots of fouling trying to intimidate. 

 If Delevadova whatshisname could shoot,he might be a worry as he sticks to Curry like glue. But,he cant shoot.

btw. You ever said "nor" out loud to the hommies? Me neither. Looks good in writing.