Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My analysis of Radnich's Asian hate. Blame Dad.

I put some thought into this.  First of all,his almost paranoia of Asians seems ingrained. I think he gets that from his father. His father was in his prime around WW2.  Many people of that era hate Asians. The Japanese,the Chinese,and Korean.
Radnich sounds so much like those elderly bigots- He never has owned a Japanese car- right? Never bought one for his kids. Volkswagons instead. He constantly belittles Asian cars of all brands. Only when Lexus- for some bizarre reason- sponsored one segment did he stop with them. It used to be every old guy I knew said "I would never buy a Jap car". Radnich sounds just like that. Gary Radnich has made it clear- he admires NOTHING about the Asian culture.

Radnich has done the squint eye jokes about being the tallest guy in Chinatown. He's ripped Wendy Tokuda, Emerald Yee,Rick Quan, Diane Huazon..He was downright hostile once when he talked of how disgusted he was that Comcast might hire some "hotshot" Asian sports anchor from someplace. Comcast-Yahoo never did hire that one Asian.

And Raddy's fantasy that he's "in" with African Americans? I bet Radnich fits right in with that part of  the African American culture that is racist with the proverbial Korean QuickMart.

Radnich also quotes his father over and over..then repeats the same quotes over and over like its the first time. Those sayings of his dad? Rightwing. Fits his sons profile.

I think his father was a strongly anti Asian bigot, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I've been right on about this guy all along. And I'm right again.