Saturday, December 19, 2015

News Overachievers. Odds against them.

I was thinking of doing a tribute to bay area news over achievers.Some criteria are universal.
I guess looks is numero uno. Eric Thomas,overweight, a ton of facial moles. But,his inner self is what people like.
George Rask. Many years here in the bay area. As far from pretty about as much as a man can get. But old George did that traffic watch like a real pro.knew his highways like an engineer who studied traffic flows for cal trans. Only George is better.
Sal Castonero. Never pretended to be more then he is on air. People like him. He doesn't say the wrong thing but rarely. Long lasting,big salary.

Vic Lee. Has the voice of an announcer,the mannerisms of an old time journalist. The lasting power of Sting. Tantric news. He can go on for decades...

David Louie..he's been here forever. He's so far under the radar he's bumping into the heads of gophers going by. Quality has staying power. He doesn't need to brown nose.

Francis Dinglasan. Incredible beauty. Even part time she's shown lasting power. KGO knows she's reliable. I dig that jet black hair. You don't see that much anymore. Nice.

More later as they come to me...

Marty Gonzalez. A long term Latino in the local news? An oxymoron. Easygoing good nature. He must be easy to be around. I get the feeling his day isn't sarcasm at regular people living their lives. It comes through.