Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nobody from Alabama voted against the tide player. Imagine that.

IF Barry Thompkins hadn't been unbelievably vindictive,don't you think that the Heisman people might right now have looked at Stanford as a producer of champions? With one winner so recent,McCaeffery would have convinced more with some extra gravi tazzy. He's from Stanford. It would mean more.

Barry Thompkins though didn't like Harbaugh and can sleep well knowing he cost a young player -maybe two- the greatest award a college player can get.

But Barry showed that Harbaugh who's the big shot.

He voted for a player who was injured most of the season.,man. low,low,low.

IF I could vote to deny Gary Radnichs son a scholarship- would I do that? Hell no. Never in a million years. Besides, Spencer looks just like my 6 year old nephew. True.