Monday, December 14, 2015

Oh boy! Sears,Penney's and Montgomery Wards Christmas catalogs came!

Oh yeah- I 'm pouring over those pages of toys and toys and more toys. GI Joe!..and the Marine and the Green I wanted the Jeep and assorted guns. Electric football..noisy but fun fun fun. I like the Gas Stations too. Texaco in mini. Good place for my Matchbox cars. One of the coolest toys I ever got was a mechanical King Kong. With fur.   Only a few years before my brother bought me an Abominable Snowman mechanical toy too. It was great looking .sort of tall for those kind of toys. I was happy. Then my brothers put batteries in that thing and hit the switch " ARGHHHH GROWWWWL"  I started crying. It scared my 4 or 5 year old self. LOL.  That toy? My brother talk me into giving it to him so he could cut its head off and use it as a cool gear shifter on his car I remember..he cut that thing,then realized something about it made it no good for that..crying out loud. Hmmph.
Slot cars,model HO trains,I like them all. I didn't care either if the photos of the toys were in black and white.
Even my aunt would tell me as I pushed 30.."Every time I would go over to your parents when you were a boy, there you were always playing with toys. Especially the Army men" Well,I admitted I was big on them.
Toys I liked such as the Erector set were dangerous. It was metal beams with nuts and bolts. The problem was it was punched steel- razor sharp edges that could and did cut. Like that Saturday Night Live sketch in the 70's of "play broken glass"..only Erector sets were real. Same for Chemistry sets. Some dangerous chemicals in the hands of children. I never did get the volcano that ..I wanted one.

Good times...Christmas cards from a huge family and relatives went up and around the door and all along the ceiling border.
Have I revealed too much about myself?