Monday, December 21, 2015

Other than Dennis Brown,Quality in the Sports Media.

Lowell Cohn. Still has it.
Carl Steward. Says it all one sentence at a time.
Dennis Brown. I can tell. He's new but it shows.
Ray Fosse. May he go another 45 years.
Jim Barnett. The old folksiness from a gentler time still as relevant as a minute ago.
Matt Maiocco. I know KNBR tries to bury him..yet there he is at the front seat at presscons. Gets more info too.
Mr T. He's the kbay of sports when that's what you want or in the mood for. He never says "Lets have fun"..but then it can be- get me?

I would add Latino or Asian names. But there are none in the great San Francisco Bay Area period. Great or bad. Well,Kawakami I guess is Asian. Honorable mention.
Woman? Still relegated to be looks and calming for the pros at interview time. Ann Killion is honorable mention while being not in the mold for woman writers. Every now and then she writes a "Mom loves you" column. She shouldn't.
Amahd Fareed has big potential. Better act fast Amahd.
Kate Scott. What an incredible burden she had to bear. A Radnich bear.  She who had the greatest comeback to braggart snobs about their private schools. "I went to the school closest to my house". Perfect.

All the others? pishaaa. I can take or leave them or I don't pay any attention to what they say.

Me? I lived,then I died. The End.