Monday, December 14, 2015

Pigskin expertise? KRON turns to JR Stone and Bip Roberts- LOL.

KRON Has a "Sports Director" " they have former player Mark Carpenter. So who hosts their weekend football sports show?  A news reporter and a former Baseball player. Yes,its as bad as that sounds.

Let me explain why. Pero accidentally hired a very good weekend sports anchor.

Handsome,polished, you knew his first newscast that Raddie would sweat at that guy filling in for him and doing weekends. The contrast between Carpenter who loves sports and Radnich who at this point in his life only loves his car, are huge. HUGE.

Is KRON the Pero and Raddy plaything?

Why would you torpedo the one sports show you have with half a host- and I'm giving Bip credit for his A's days. Even then, Bip looks bored when its not baseball season.

 KRON is almost Liberal. Money making isn't as important as taking care of the seniors hell with ratings. Man,Pero is a commie.

Radnich wants Carpenters face off the air as much as possible.Bottom line.