Monday, December 21, 2015

Power names for beautiful woman.

I was watching ID channel about a "kidnapping" of a hot blond MILF. Turned out it was a hoax. So,anyways what got me is that all through the story her mother would talk to her or the kidnapper on the phone. It really got irritating to hear the mother yell "Quinn,Quinn,Quinn..are you ok? Quinn!". QUINN!!!!. Like that.

Quin. Like Brinn or Bree or Hannah,Paige,and old faithful Brittany. I wish I could find a list of Danville blonds names. Since we are talking numero uno on the power name types. I myself always thought Linda was a powername. Most Lindas I ever met were attractive. That's weird how moms sense they have a extra purty daughter at birth. You almost never meet a beautiful woman with a nerd girl name.

Then there's Kendra,Blair,Dominique- ever met an unattractive Dominique? Me neither.
I once was in a relationship with an Olivia. Way back then I wondered why she had such an oldy name? Olivia De Havilland 1940's etc,Bada-boom,Its now a power name in 2015.

Courtney..that I hear a lot. I could go on but you get the idea.