Saturday, December 19, 2015

Radnich spears Dave Spahr. Tells him wait for the phone call to do evening weather.

Out of nowhere the man who says he has a big heart, started ripping the part time weatherman Spahrs. He even did a not flattering imitation of Spahrs a few times. The non smiling "You wait by the phone Dave for the call to come". That I could only take as Radnich wont allow him to do the weather when evil Radnich is around. Raddy likes his man servant Van the man.
Tuazon,Scott,Carpenter (producer-sure- so his face isn't on air) and now Dave Spahr all in about a months time.
I'm sure the day Radnich leaves KRON. Staff might then relax and then have a professional News cast. Not the running joke I see and laugh AT, not with.