Friday, December 11, 2015

Radnich tells Pamela Moore "I will pick on you" + his Man Servant Van.

Grant Lotis got a sad look when he said that- I swear that is true, not sarcasm.

You know,Radnich had a chance to directly answer my Tweet..and he ran like a girl.

I had more questions..about the Little Old Piano Teacher he picked on for one example.

Or if he's a proud family man why doesn't it bother him Sid Rosenberg thinks Serena Williams looks like an ape? Raddy,proud family man has blackish children that look Mexican.

Whats with Van Akins being his Man Servant? Is his self esteem that low? His constant smile during very unfunny sketches he and Radnich plan are not what you want to show yer kids- "Look little Van,daddy is a stooge for the fat man". "And one day son,you will be a flunky for a fat two bit comic just like daddy is"..The bar is set low at the Van house.