Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Radnich"The apple doesnt fall far from the tree". LOL. He reads me..yawn.

Read my why he's an Asian bigot post and why it stuck in his fat mind.  Gee,my father Gary was a hard worker for 43 years for SP railroad. And loved to read all the classics,do the NY Times crossword puzzles. Filled it out just about every day.
Yours told you that he would never own a Jap car.  I cant think of a single negative thing mine said about Asian cars. Why would he when he drove a Datsun pickup?.

I can see,I know you a hell of a lot better then you know anything about me. As usual,your only good at sounding like you know something. Even if a natural born liar like you has to make it up.

Oh .and my brother has two Purple Hearts from his service in Vietnam. See? that's just another reason why I cant stand you. You are another who wants to send others to die. But,you never enlisted did you ? Dad?..noooo.Hey,neither did Krugers right wing brothers and dad did they? And as usual they are hawks- right lare?