Saturday, December 19, 2015

Raiders get second chance at "key game".

When they blew the first one vs KC it looked like the party was over. Then,they beat the Bengals. It became a wash.
Now they have another "key game" If they lose this one,no more keys until next year.

They need to contain Rogers..always have a man ready if he's flushed. He gets too many easy completions with just one hip fake move. They need somebody to be always on what is Green Bays only great player.

He's quick to throw on a blitz. So dont. The front four push-em back and arms up bothers Rogers. He does flush easy.
The Raiders offense? Whatever they do-- don't turn the ball over and give them points. Catch the punt,catch the kickoff. And tuck the ball in when running into the line.  Cooper is a scary guy..his drops and turnovers really come at bad times. All because of the big hit and crunch he's afraid of. Maybe some out passes...even the vertical bomb. Dinks and dunks get his self preservation side taking over. And we don't want that,do we?.