Monday, December 7, 2015

San Francisco Police murder a black man.

THAT was murder. I'm shocked that all involved have not been arrested and charged. Unlike the 17 year old who had committed crimes and was taunting police? This guy was hunched,something wrong in his head and he looked to be 5' and 120 pounds. Surrounded by 8 officers..what was the reason for shooting? Any one of those police were twice his size. Tasers didn't go through the guys coat? Well,wound the leg. That would work.Being shot in the leg hurts like hell.

No,this was murder.Cold blooded target shooting. Something about the SF Police force always trying too hard to be anti spirit of the city over and over.

The Mayor and the Police chief can be as calm as they want,but that was a wolfpack mentality.

5' away and 12 cops cant shoot the poor nut in the hand or arm? Murder.