Thursday, December 17, 2015

Scott Ostler writes fantasy. Local media goes out of their minds.

ah- Incredible. Ostler puts out how the Jed can sell the only thing in life he can brag make a few fans happy?  I like Ostler,and its a nice fan-tasy (Hey I did Dr.Seuss!),so its not his fault that the media is pretending like it really will happen.
Now,when I wrote about Billy Beane looking for a way to not be A's GM without costing himself millions? THAT was fantastically accurate. Beane did come up with a way as I suggested. He simply moved up and put the GM heat on a underling. Kept the money did Beane. Just as I said.

I was dead on right.  So,where was the media compliments? THEM? ..yeah,that would only be honorable. The media doesn't do that.